on 27, Jul 2015

Five city-based artists have chosen to blend their creativity with an environmental campaign — Nature of Being. To reinforce the message of protecting nature in the concrete jungle, they have painted a car with trees and will drive it around the city.

The artists painted a woman on the bonnet of the car and trees on the side. This is to spread awareness about disappearing trees and other natural resources in Bengaluru, the painters say. One of the artists and the mastermind of the project, Sheera Betnag, says that car is a symbol of any city and hence it is used as a medium. “The car will stop at different localities in the city. It will remind us how each one of the city dwellers is responsible for the negative impact on the nature,” she says.
Car used for the artwork is Fiat Palio, 2006 model. Besides Sheera, the artists are Ashok Kumar, Seema Jain, Shubha Hebbar, Rupesh Kumar and Meera.
The idea of painting a car has always remained in Sheera’s mind ever since she brought one. She wanted to give a message about divine nature to the apathetic city dwellers, she claimed. “While I drive my car around the city I try to raise awareness and make people think about the consequences of cutting down trees and losing the lung space. It is a silent campaign to ensure that people realise by themselves and wake up to the growing changes in the city,” adds Sheera.
Purpose of this campaign is to plant and nurture trees in the city, the campaigners claimed. The campaign also aims to restore water bodies by broadening and distilling. They aim at the proper utilisation of rain water harvest.
“This thought must have cultivated even before city’s infrastructure is planned. But builders, policy makers and city dwellers focus more on modern ideas and development by ignoring the nature. Most of them are greedy to utilise the natural resources. The city is lopsided,” says Meera, one of the participants who lives in Sadashivnagar.
Krishna Rajendra Kumar, HOD of Chitrakala Parishat, said, “Man started to think that his salvation lies only in the procreation of his own species. What he doesn’t realise is it happens on graveyard of all other creations. In his effort to conquer a few little tufts of feathers like materialistic comforts precious nature is expended. He can’t pompously show off his colourful panache after killing a bird. That would be the biggest joke on chivalry. Man has to live in harmony with all natures’ creation.”

Source: Bangalore Mirror


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