on 07, Apr 2015

In the recent past there has been a sudden boom of the electric vehicles and driver less cars taking off from the big brands tables
Reason is very obvious to cut down the emissions and go green.
Well, Tesla is one such company dominating this field , although Fisker also showed some serious engineering , it was declared bankrupt a few years back.
Up to this point, Tesla has pretty much had the luxury – or semi-luxury, depending on your opinion of carmaker’s relatively modest interiors – electric sedan market to itself. The priciest Model S version, the P85D, will set you back around $120,000.

When  the aim was to make efficient engines , even the super car makers participated to have this as their own goals as well and got in turbos as replacement for the naturally aspirated engines or hybrids
Aston Marting , though wanted to go fully electric. According to Palmer, Aston’s entrance into the electric car market was prompted by the need for the company to meet increasingly stringent fuel economy standards. But the brand didn’t want to employ the small-displacement turbo engines that many of its competitors have turned to.

Aston Martin is getting into the all-electric luxury sedan game.

Aston Martin CEO Dr. Andy Palmer said that the company’s future electric super-sedan will:

1) Be based on the Rapide S

2) Arrive in about 2 years

3) Have as much as 1,000 horsepower

The Rapide S is priced at around $200,000, so we expect the the new electric car to come in at something much higher – possibly as much as $300,000.

There is revolution taking place in the auto industry , we have to see how these moves turn out .

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