on 01, Aug 2015

claims to be the first automaker to introduce the EnLighten app for connected traffic signals. The company says that this app will come in handy to drivers as it shows them the current status of the traffic light in front of the car in real time.

It even shows them the countdown to the signal change and this helps the drivers brake or in some cases get ready to drive. The app helps in tracking a vehicle’s position and speed and thus providing a recommendation about whether to cruise through a light or stop.

The EnLighten app also has the provision of providing audio alerts which notify the driver if there is a pending change in the status of a signal they are approaching, or when a light turns green. It also keeps a track of the car’s turning indicator, thereby allowing only the relevant light signal to be displayed.

Currently available only on an iOS device , it only works in cities that have a network of ‘smart’ traffic signals but we’ll soon see the use of it in many other countries.

Sourece: NDTV


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