on 26, Apr 2015

The vehicles parked in it have come from different parts of the world and some of them were made more than 100 years ago. With over 70 cars – from the replica of the 1886 Benz Motorwagen to modern sports cars – the Gedee Car Museum on Avanashi Road tells the story of the evolution of cars.

Spread over 19,000 sq.ft, the museum, which has been set up by G.D. Naidu Charities and will be inaugurated on Monday (April 27), has unique cars and also British, German, Japanese, French, Spanish and American cars. There are nearly 35 brands and the cars are the private collection of G.D. Naidu Charities. The cars were collected for more than four decades. The museum also has as many as eight cars that have been donated by vintage car owners.

According to G.D. Gopal, Managing Trustee of G.D. Naidu Charities, efforts to set up the museum started two years ago and it has vintage and classic cars. It has been set up to showcase the technological advancements in cars. Be it seating, engine, or tyres, there have been several developments over the years.

The museum will have video shows and theme-based events and there is also a restoration workshop.

There are plans to expand the museum with more vehicles. Some of the cars on display are: Rolls Royce 20 (four door convertible) produced in 1925, Dodge Brothers – Victory Six produced in 1929, DKW-F7 Meisterklasse (two-door sedan) produced in 1938 and BMW Isetta 250 made in 1955. The museum will be inaugurated by V. Sumantran, chairman of Celeris Technologies.

Source : The Hindu


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