on 26, Apr 2018

All these years if one had to drive a light commercial or yellow plate vehicle you had to get hold of a commercial vehicle license. One couldn't drive these vehicles on your usual driver’s license. But now this rule has been abolished. If you hold a personal driving license you can drive a commercial or a yellow plate vehicle.


MORTH, The Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways has stated the state government to commence this new rule. In July 2017 a Supreme Court order read that, “There is no requirement to obtain a separate endorsement to drive the transport vehicle if the driver is holding a license to drive a light motor vehicle (car/ jeep). He/she can drive a transport vehicle of such class without any endorsement to that effect.”


According to the new rule, people holding personal driver’s license can only can drive the commercial vehicles that they are eligible to. That means only the type of vehicles that are endorsed on their license such as Four wheeler, two wheeler and three wheeler. That means that one can drive taxis, motorbike taxis, auto-rickshaws and e-rickshaws. Buses, truck, tempos and other heavy commercial vehicles will have to hold commercial drivers license.


Before people had to wait for about a year to get hold of the commercial license to be eligible to drive these light commercial vehicles. With the implication of the new rule, this could help people to drive light commercial vehicles and increase employment.


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