on 08, Jun 2018

Makers of the upcoming Ather S340 electric scooter, Ather Energy has announced today that they have launched their very own charging stations in the city of Bengaluru. This charging stations are named as AtherGrid and it will be catering all sorts of electric vehicles and will not just be limited to their electric vehicles.


AtherGrid will cater both the two wheeler and four wheeler electric vehicles. With the launch of AtherGrid, Ather Energy strives to become largest charging infrastructure network. Ather Energy plans to set up 30 more charging points by the end of May and they also plan to set up 60 charging stations by the end of 2018. Ather claims that with this kind of range of charging network which will be established there will one charging station within a range of 4km in the city.



Tarun Mehta, Co-Founder and CEO of Ather Energy said that,  "Electric vehicles cannot become a viable alternative without making charging infrastructure availability a greater priority. It is critical for us to make public charging convenient and accessible. This is an important step towards increased adoption and acceptance of electric vehicles and in the long run, will have a positive effect on the cost of the vehicles themselves. The number of entrepreneurs and businesses that have come aboard to be a part of AtherGrid is also a testament to the future of electric vehicles. As we prepare ourselves for the launch of the Ather S340, Bangalore was a natural choice to be the home city for AtherGrid. Range anxiety and the inconvenience associated with charging will not be a deterrent to adoption, as the industry grows."



To make consumers locate the nearest charging station, AtherGrid uses cloud connectivity and use an app to navigate. This app also allows the users to monitor the charging status of the vehicle and it also hosts an integrated payment option. The charging points are designed in such a way that the electricity is drawn only when it is connected to the vehicles and it also boosts of auto power cut off to avoid over charging, thus ensuring that there is not wastage of electricity and also protecting the battery life by avoiding overcharging.



In addition to this, Ather Energy also claims that they will also be providing easy convenient experience by partnering up with malls, cafes, restaurants, tech parks, gyms and multiplexes. Here AtherGrids will be installed on a pro-bono basis. With this, Ather Energy hopes that people will start opting for the use of electric vehicles and improve the ownership experience of Electric Vehicles. Also, AtherGrid will be providing the app for the owners for free for the next six months.



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