on 14, Jun 2015

Increasing amount of  interest in performance vehicle lately has brought a lot of sports car brands and tuning companies from overseas to our country.

Like,Mercedes- Benz has AMG in India, Fiat is bringing the Abarth brand to India. Lots in the bag coming up.

1. The Fiat 595 – a tuned or high performance version of the Fiat 500
158bhp hot hatchback will be brought in as a full CBU import, so you can expect a relatively high price of around Rs 27-30 lakh.
It will have stiffened suspensions, a 1.4 Turbo Petrol engine on steriods and other performance increasing bits.

2. Punto Abarth – This will again a lot of sporty performance enhancing bits added to it and the engine will churn out 135 BHP. And we all know what a bliss this car is to drive anyway so imagine how the Abarth version would be like ?. Watch out Volkswagen this Punto could put the Polo GT to shame in a drag race.

3.Avventura – Least exciting package but,most exciting news for people who liked the Avventura. But,had to look else solely due to it being underpowered. The Abarth version of this will not have many or any cosmetic changes but will have the same increase of BHP like the Punto.


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