on 21, Mar 2015

It won’t take long for you to analyse and realize that not many Ford cars have flooded your traffic jams except of course , the Ecosport.
Apart from the Ecosport the other 4 cars of Ford have not been able to rule the markets neither stay in the competition .

So Ford’s got its thinking cap on, they are launching the new generation Figo. They have also targeted the compact sedan segment with this new launch coming up , which again is based on the up coming Figo.
The Figo did quite well when it was launched but then faded off until they got a face-lifted version which didn’t quite boost the sales but kept it in the game for sometime and then faded soon.
Now though Ford has got the Figo a new look and it does look rather good. Although the pictures are of the concept which was revealed last year, we won’t be wrong to expect a very similar looking car except for minor changes maybe.

Other than that the sedan version  is under 4 metres in length which should let Ford to price it competitively giving it a bigger boost in sales figures.
It is likely to carry the new 1.5 liter engine from the Ecosport for the diesel variant while the 1.2 petrol could be the existing one which is used in the Figo.

Ford plans to launch the Figo hatch during the first half of 2015 and the compact sedan somewhere in the later half during the festive season.


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