on 11, Apr 2015

In a record 28 days, 15 Gujarati students developed the prototype of a car which can reach 100 kmph autonomously, controlled via an Android application. With the help of 18 cost-effective sensors, the students developed a dynamic model that also perceives environmental concerns.

The invention comes at a time when Google demonstrated its own driverless car which does away with all conventional controls including the steering wheel.

The car was displayed at Dextra Tech-fest at Amiraj College of Engineering and Technology on Wednesday. Talking about the innovation, Professor Kaushal Jani said: “It can be aptly described as a next generation robo fighter, which can also run on unmapped roads.”

The vehicle has five seats, a screen displaying the route, and a top speed of 100kmph. An array of sensors allows the vehicle’s computer to determine its location and surroundings. The car is also equipped with six sophisticated night-vision cameras to prevent accidents.

Developed at the cost of Rs 3 lakh, the car could be a boon for people with disabilities and transform the marketplace, Prof Jain said.

Source TOI


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