on 06, Sep 2017

Mumbai and Vapi had faced tremendous rains some days ago. Due to which there was lot of flooding and many cars were stranded. Many of the vehicles were spoilt and have to be rushed to the service centre to get it repaired. Car customers in these cities are facing many hassles and issues regarding this and have to jump around around the service stations and insurance company.

For the car customers of Hyundai, the company has come with a Special Service Support Package for these flood affected cars. Only the Hyundai car owners can avail these packages whose cars were effected in the rains in Mumbai in Vapi.


Hyundai has deployed 30 emergency road service vehicles to help these stranded cars. These vehicles will help you get the cars to the service stations and will also help you assist with the same. In addition to this Hyundai is also offering free roadside assistance , free engine oil replacement and 50% discount on anti rust treatment. Well this doesn't end here, Hyundai will also conduct check up camp after 2 months and will make a thorough check on how the cars are running and their conditions. While the owners will also get 50% discount on liability.

If your car is damaged beyond repair, need not worry, Hyundai is offering a special exchange schemes. This will help you buy a new car  with a good exchange rate. Hyundai claims to increase more man power and also stocked up all their spare parts in the stores of Mumbai and Vapi to meet up the demands. This is good move by HYundai and we hope that customers are benefited with these packages.



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