on 07, Aug 2015

The owner of a Tata Xenon double cab pickup decided to convert his truck into a Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force lookalike.

The original concept was unveiled back in 2012 at the Los Angeles Auto Design Show Challenge and served as a design study for a hypothetical 2025 G-Class. It showed a futuristic off-roader which has now been somewhat duplicated without great success on a Tata Xenon double cab pickup truck that comes with a matte orange body wrap combined with a dark grey finish on some of the body parts, including the bed cover which seems to feature a built-in spoiler lip.

The bulging hood is new and has fake side vents to replicate the real deal and for the very same reason there are turn signals mounted on the front fenders while the recessed headlights imitate the original look. The owner even put the three-pointed star on the front grille and on the rear bed, but he isn’t fooling anyone, especially since the Xenon has a different body style so the rear end has nothing in common with the Ener-G-Force concept.

Source: WCF


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