on 23, May 2015

There are all sorts of crazy things that you can buy online. So how about a pen that sounds like a car! Unbelievable? True! Impossible? Not for Mercedes!

Here is a must have accessory for all you every die-hard AMG fans out there! This specially designed Mercedes-AMG Ball Pen makes the sound of a V8 engine at just a push of a button! A small speaker packed with this pen replicates the sound of a V8 motor that powers many of the Mercedes cars. What’s more? You can lay your hands on this pen for as less as 9.90 euros.

Here is the video of this spectacular pen:


Mercedes describes the logo as – “Ballpoint pen – elegant soft grip finish featuring the ‘Mercedes-Benz Museum’ logo. As a special highlight you can hear the original V8 engine sound


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