on 03, Oct 2017

We are pleased to inform to all your customers that Mynewcar has partnered with Intkonsys. Intkonsys is a firm that provides World class IOT products, test automation service and also provides wide applications of connection services. Mynewcar will be providing an IKS OBD2 Dongle from Intkonsys with a month free subscription to the customers who buy a new car from us.


Who is Intkonsys and what services do they provide?


Intkonsys was founded in 2014 and it mainly focussed in connected cars , test automation and safety in two wheelers. Intkonsys provides world class IOT products and it also focusses  on connected solutions. In addition to this they also provide test automation service which provides you highly automated driving solutions.

IKS Smart Drive will provide you a  personalized solution for your vehicle tracking and maintenance added with loads of other features. This is done by the IKS OBD2 Dongle (Plug N Play) hardware unit. This unit can be connected to the OBD2 port which is mostly situated under the dashboard near the driver's area. This device is a simple Plug and Play unit and it can be connected through Intkonsys official app.

This device interacts with the Vehicle Body Control Unit and collects the data and stores it in the internal memory of the device. This stored data is processed and is uploaded to IKS Cloud for analytics. When the vehicle is driven all the data is configure by the IKS cloud and the reports can be seen through the official app.


How is this service beneficial to you ?

When the car is running, the device is in constant communication with the ECU of the vehicle and the IKS cloud. This helps to provide a report by analyzing the vehicle data while it is driven and perform post analysis features which is shown below:


  1. Vehicle Tracking:

Log in to the Intkonsys app and track your vehicle. You can monitor your vehicle's speed and where is it exactly by this system. So you need not worry when you give your car to your son, daughter or any family member or friend.


  1. Vehicle faults:

One can monitor the health of your car and also check the real time status of your car. If there is any fault in the vehicle, Intkonsys will flash a message stating the exact fault which is detected by their device.


  1. Service and maintenance:

This device is in constant communication with all the electronics of the car via the ECU and will help to notify the user that the vehicle needs to go for service or for some general maintenance. It will also help detect the exact faults which has occurred in the vehicle, so that service guys won't be able to cheat you by telling some false faults.


  1. Parking location finder:

It's a common tendency to forget where you parked your car in a mall, in your office parking lot or at some big parking space. The parking location finder will help you locate your car and guide you to it.


  1. Vehicle movement detector:


This system will help you know if your car's movement. Suppose you own a fleet of cars and your driver says that he is stuck in traffic, you are just one step away from knowing the true status. It will give a real time notification if your car is moving, crawling, standstill, parked or if the engine is ON or OFF.


  1. Driving Events Notifications:

This device also helps to detect how you're driving. This includes how hard you press the brake, how are you revving the engine, how vigorously one is hitting the accelerator pedal, cornering and iddling in traffic or rest area. This data will help you know and improve your driving ethics.


  1. Fuel Consumption Meter:

As this device is in constant communication with the ECU of the car it also tracks the driving style. With the help of this data and report the device will let you know how much fuel your car has consumed. The fuel data consumption provided by Intkonsys will be 90% accurate.


  1. Fuel Saving Tips:

Along with the fuel consumption data, Intkosys will also provide you fuel saving tips. This tips will be shown in accordance with your  the fuel consumed in each trip of the car. The tips will shown on the driver's phone after the trip is complete.


  1. Customized Notification:

All these above features can be sent through a notification to the users. The user can choose between E-mail, SMS and or by the app over the phone. These push notifications can also be customised according to the frequency and time.


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