on 08, Jun 2018

In Japan , Nissan had stopped selling cars powered with diesel powertrains. Now the Japanese car manufacturer has announced its plans to stop the development of diesel mills for the global market also. Thus, Nissan has become the latest car manufacturer to have announced to end the development of its future diesel mills. Nissan, on the other hand will continue to provide its diesel engine for their commercial vehicle segment which is provided by the joint collaboration between Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi.


Nissan will now be investing more on the development of Hybrid engine and electric technology. The Japanese car manufacturer will be utilising the money saved from the development of diesel mills for the further development of electric motors, battery systems and hybrid powertrain. According to some reports, it seems like Nissan may develop a new platform for its upcoming hybrid and electric vehicles. This new platform will help offer these hybrid and electric vehicles flexibility in terms of unique body styling and design language.


In addition to this, Nissan is working together with Toyota, Honda and Panasonic to develop solid state batteries. Also, Nissan is considering the use of swappable battery packs for their electric vehicles.


By the next decade, Nissan plans to phase out diesel engines in the European market.

In the coming years many of the major automotive manufacturers will be banning diesel engines in phased manner. Manufacturers such as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Toyota have also announced that they will soon stop the use of diesel engine. FIat and Jeep will be phasing out their diesel engines in some selected markets by the year 2022.



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