on 01, Nov 2016

Every car enthusiast has always thought of getting into competitive racing. But every time due to some reason you couldn't get a chance of doing it. Well need not worry now as, MMSC ( Madras Motor Sports Club has organised track days in which you can hire a race car or bike. This initiative has started from the 29th of october 2017 and 20 such more track days will be held. 

You will have to shell out a nominal amount of Rs 7500 to Rs 9000 to the driver a track focused race car. This will help you to get 10 race laps at the Madras Motor Sports Club (MMSC) race track.The cars that will be provided by MMSC are their Formula LGB 1300cc single-seater race cars, as well as race-prepped Volkswagen Polo Cup cars.In order to drive the race cars one should have a valid driver's license or valid license from FMSCI or any international authorized motorsport body With this move, MMSC is aiming to reach out to the enthusiasts in India and to get into the motorsports scenes. 

Former FMSCI president, Vicky Chandhok, who is also a part of Wallace Sports and Research Foundation, said that “There are a lot of people who enjoy motorsports and wish to drive race cars or motorcycles on a racetrack, but they don’t want to race professionally. So those who want to experience this can now come for a track day, where they will pay an amount and get to drive around the MMRT. Be it a budding racer, a motorsport fan, a sponsor or someone willing to invest in motorsport can come find out for themselves what it feels like.” he also quoted that, “We will keep aside 20 days each year for such track days and announce the dates for this year during the first track day on October 29.”


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