on 10, Dec 2014

MYNEWCAR.IN is India’s upcoming new car buying site being launched in December 2014. The online platform will offer multi-brand new cars, accessories and related services combined with an easy and convenient purchasing experience.Car buying is an emotional journey that should be accompanied by joy and happiness. MYNEWCAR.IN’s mission is to simplify the process to a joyful experience. MYNEWCAR.IN will provide unbiased information at every step and assist the customer in getting the best deals, group discounts, as well as the best offers for car loans and insurances. The new car will be delivered hassle-free in partnership with the nearest dealer to their doorstep. MYNEWCAR.IN will offer a great value at a low price and strive to achieve the highest level of customer joy and satisfaction.MYNEWCAR.IN’s one stop solution will create an online ecosystem for car buyers and enable car manufacturers and their dealership network to increase their customer reach. “There’s a perfect storm of change hitting the country with more than 50% of new generation consumers expressing their desire to buy cars and accessories online with ease and speed of transaction along with great prices as the primary reason ” says Arvind Sinha, COO at MYNEWCAR.IN.


MYNEWCAR.IN is a participant at the Great Online Shopping Festival. In collaboration with Google India MYNEWCAR.IN will introduce customers for the first time to its unique offering and provide pre-launch offers at their GOSF website. The GOSF will take place on Dec 10 – 12, and involve over 300 online retailers. Car buyers will soon experience for the first time a simple and easy way to buy a new car. Kharidiye Easily! Bachaiye Simply!

Source : Zee News


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