on 26, Feb 2018

We all love and admire premium performance cars. We dream of owning them one day. But just as we are in the year 2018, there are lot of talks and loads of launches of electric cars. Even performance car manufacturer are getting in to the Research and Development to introduce electric performance cars.


One such premium performance car manufacturer is Porsche and it has always taken us by a storm with its fleet of cars. Porsche will be introducing its electric vehicle in the Indian market in the beginning of 2020. We expect Porsche to enter the electric vehicle category with the Mission E. The Mission  E is a concept car from Porsche which was showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the year 2015. Before introducing its electric vehicle to the Indian shores, Porsche will be introducing its electric vehicle internationally towards the end of 2019.


The Mission E from Porsche is codenamed as Porsche J1 and this concept car will be powered with two electric motors. The electric motors will be placed at at each axles. According to the reports, the power output generated from these motors is 592 bhp. This Electric car can sprint from 0 to 100 kmph in 3.5 seconds and is capable reaching 200 kmph in 12 seconds.


On the other hand, Porsche hasn't revealed anything about the battery capacity yet. We expect that the batteries have a range of 500 kms. With the help of quick charging, this electric vehicle can be charged upto 80 percent in 15 minutes.


In the coming months we will update all our readers more details of the upcoming electric vehicle. Porsche will be manufacturing this vehicle at their facility in Zuffenhausen, Germany and it is expected to come to India via the CBU (Completely Built Unit) route.


Do let us know what you feel about the new all-electric vehicle from Porsche in the comments section below. Stay tuned to MyNewCar to know more about the same.



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