on 02, Apr 2015

Porschehas taken the wraps off the new Boxster Spyder at the New York Auto Show, and we are sure that Porsche purists will not be disappointed. Let’s start with this – if you liked the Cayman GT4’s looks, well, you’ll like this one too.

The Boxster Spyder’s bumpers have been sourced from the Cayman GT4. It also gets a pretty unique engine cover. Furthermore, the new Porsche also gets firm sports suspension with a 20 mm lower ride height, powerful brakes taken from the 911 Carrera, even more direct steering, and an engine that speaks for itself – the complete package for a traditional sports-car driving experience.

In line with the model’s purist design, Porsche has provided neither a radio nor air conditioning as standard equipment in order to reduce weight. However, both can be ordered ex-factory as optional equipment at no extra cost. Additionally, the entire range of Boxster audio systems is available for customers to choose from

Source: NDTV


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