on 26, May 2015

Rolls Royce has announced the name of its next product, which is a convertible based on the 2-door Wraith coupè. It will be called the Rolls Royce Dawn, paying homage to the early 1950’s open top Rolls Royce Silver Dawn.

It will be powered by the same twin-turbo 6.6-liter V12 engine powering the Ghost and Wraith. Although power figures haven’t been confirmed, it could be identical to the Wraith’s 624 hp power output. Expect Rolls Royce to dial down the dynamic driving focus in the Wraith for a more relaxed approach.

The company has confirmed that it will launch in Q1 2016, and have already begun accepting bookings. They have also privately unveiled the Dawn to Rolls Royce’s global dealers in Los Angeles, California.

Source : IAB

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