on 06, Aug 2015

Rolls Royce the name it self carries class, elegance and top notch sort of words for every small bit in the part not to forget the price tag following it.

Rolls Royce has revealed the ‘Inspired by Music’ edition for the Wraith. Rolls Royce have always mentioned about the Wraith being equipped with world best and exhaustively designed sound system in the automobile industry. This edition though raises the bar

1300-Watt sound system with 18-channels. It features two bass speakers, seven tweeters, seven mid-range sound speakers and two additional speakers fitted in the car’s headlining.

The company has also added a volume control that can be automatically adjusted to cancel out distracting sounds inside the cabin. Even the colour of the car is inspired by the music as it comes with a copper-colour theme. As you know all high-end audio equipment come laden with copper wiring and the theme hence becomes relevant. The copper theme extends to the dashboard and door inserts as well.

The special edition will be more than the regular one which costs 5.5 Crore


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