on 04, Oct 2018

Now, Toyota has become one of the Japanese car manufacturers to equip Android Auto in all its cars. According to some reports it is stated that Toyota and Google have signed an agreement for the Android Auto software.

Toyota is still up to make an official announcement regarding this, and they plan it do it in  October during the festive season. Recently this year, Toyota had introduced Apple CarPlay across all its models in the international market. Hence till this time, the Japanese car manufacturer refrained from getting in Android Auto. This was done due to concerns regarding personal data which the parent company required for working in the software.

Using a third party connectivity system would result in compromise of user data being tracked, hence Toyota deliberately avoided this option. Some while ago, Toyota launched the Yaris and it was the first car from its stable to roll out in India equipped with Apple CarPlay.

With the introduction of Android Auto, it will help Toyota attract customers who were eagerly waiting for this software and who also refrained from buying the models due to lack of connectivity. Eventually this will also help in increasing the sales of its models.

It is too early to predict which of the models from Toyota will first get Android Auto. More of these details will be shared by the company when an official announcement will be done in October.

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