on 30, Oct 2017

The Union road transport ministry of India has approved a safety plan, due to increase in fatal accidents and deaths caused due to it. This plan will include the mandatory use of front dual airbags, seat belt reminder, speed alerts above 80km/hr and parking sensors on all cars. This rule will be implemented on cars that will be manufactured from the 1st of July 2019. 

While in this year, the government had made speed governors mandatory on all T permit cars. According to the transport ministry officials, all the cars will be fitted with speed alert system. When the driver will exceed 80km/hr, an alert will be notified whereas when the driver exceeds 100km/hr a louder alert will be heard. Even after this, the driver exceeds 120km/hr a continuous alert will be activated till then the driver slows down the speed. 

The plan also includes a mandatory manual override function for the central locking system which will prevent the passengers to get trapped inside the vehicle in case of an accident.  

We are glad that the Indian government is enforcing these safety systems, which will help to make our cars safer. Thill even helps to decrease the deaths caused by accidents and also reduce overspeeding. Along with these rule, we also hope that the Indian Government gets more strict laws for road safety.



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