on 30, Apr 2018

With Electric Vehicles taking a head start in the nation, many auto manufacturers are looking forward and have started working on the research and development of the same. One such car manufacturer in India is Mahindra Electric has been already taken a head start in the field of Electric Vehicles in the nation.


With the sudden rise in mobile cabs, Mahindra Electric is all set to partner with Meru cabs to provide them with its electric sedan the eVerito. As of now, these cabs will be deployed on a pilot basis only in the city of Hyderabad and following which it will be launched in the various cities all over India.


The eVerito electric cabs will be available for booking by Meru Cabs mobile app, website and its call centre services for the city of Hyderabad. In addition to this, these electrice cabs will also be available at Hyderabad airport at the Meru Zone. Well, thinking about the fare? It will be the same as radio taxi fares for sedan which have been governed by the Telangana Government.


The CEO of Meru cabs said that this collaboration with Mahindra Electric for the eVerito electric Sedans will be learning platform for them. With these learnings they will soon start the operation of electric vehicles in their fleet in other cities of the nation.


Being the segment leaders of electric vehicles in the nation, Mahindra has also partnered with Ola Cabs as well as ZoomCar. They are leading one of the best electric racing team in competitions such as Formula E. In addition to this, Mahindra has also launched a new high-performance EV brand and it is currently testing an electric scooter which will soon launch in India.


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