on 18, Mar 2018

Just a month ago Maruti Suzuki launched the much awaited 2018 Swift in the Indian market at the 2018 Auto Expo. But however almost all the models from Maruti’s stable have been matted with a five speed gearbox. Hence there has been always the missing factor of a six speed transmission.


Some years back, Maruti had actually introduced a six speed transmission to the 1.6 litre S-Cross diesel variant. But this model never made it big in the Indian market. Hence when the new S-Cross was launched back, Maruti made it available only with a 1.4 litre diesel engine which is coupled with a five-speed manual gearbox.


But looks like Maruti-Suzuki is being hearing us and this time the Indian Auto manufacturer has revealed that it has plans to introduce a new six speed gearbox. This six-speed gear box is code named as the MF30. According to the plans, we come to know that the New Swift will be the first car from Maruti’s stable to get the new MF30 transmission. After this, the new transmission will be further offered to the rest of the cars in Maruti’s stable.


Once launched, the new six speed transmission will offer better fuel efficiency and will also reduce the stress imposed on the engine. With this Maruti-Suzuki will further strengthen the competition between its arch rivals such as Hyundai, Renault and Tata. These auto manufacturers have been selling their fleet of cars with the six sed gearbox in various model for quite some time.


As of now Maruti hasn't disclosed a lot of information of the new six speed gearbox. So stay tuned to MyNewCar to know more about the same. Do let us know your opinion about the introduction of the new six speed gearbox by Maruti in the comments section below.


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