on 28, Feb 2018

At the 2018 Auto Expo, Tata took us by a storm with showcasing of the new concept models, electric vehicles and new technology. Along with this Tata Motors also showcased the Aero Edition of the Nexon. This new edition has a wide number of cosmetic updates.


The Aero Edition Nexon will only be available across trims and will be available in three levels and five options. Not all three level Aero kits will be available in all the trim. The Level one Aero kit will be available in all the trims, whereas the level two and level three Aero kits are available for some specific variants.


So what does all these Level Aero Kits include. We have mentioned them below.


Level One Aero Kit:

This kit includes a body kit, aero badge and fog lamp garnish which is priced at Rs 30,610 and will be available across all its variants namely:  XE, XM, XT, XZ and XZ+


Level Two Aero kit:

This Aero Kit is available in two options- the first option includes a body kit, fog lamp garnish, Aero badge, Aero seat covers, Aero carpets, Aero boot mats, red colour ORVM covers and illuminated scuff plates. The first option Level two Aero Kit is priced at Rs 40,824 and is available on the XE, XM and XT trims.


The second option Level two Aero kit includes  rim bands in addition to features available on the first option Level two kit. This second option Level two Aero Kit is priced at Rs 46,856 and is only available on the XZ and XZ+ variants.


Level Three Aero Kit:


This Aero kit comes available with two additional equipment options- The first option Level three aero kit is offered with gloss black roof wrap and all the features  available on the first option Level two Aero kit. This kit is priced at Rs 55,625 and is offered only on the XE, XM and the XT variants.


While the second option Level Three Aero Kit comes equipped with a body kit, Aero badge Placed on the C-Pillar, Aero seat covers, Aero cabin carpets, Aero boot carpets, red ORVM covers, rim bands and illuminated scuff plates which is priced at Rs 61,574. This Kit is only limited to the  XZ and XZ+ trims.


In addition to the cost of the Aero kit you wish to choose, Tata Motors will also charge additional  labour charges worth Rs 7000. The roof wrap will cost an extra Rs 3,500 and these additional cost are not inclusive of the taxes


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