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We have always wondered how do the car manufacturers design their logo and what to those logos actually mean. These logos symbolize the history of the company and the motto that they follow. Hence we bring to you the meanings of the different car logos of different car companies.

  • Audi:

Originally Audi was a merger of 4 companies which would manufacture bicycles, motorcycles and small passenger cars. Hence the logo represents the four rings as the four pre-merger companies 


  • BMW:

BMW has a long history of the manufacturing of aeroplane engines. It used to manufacture engines during the world war times. Hence the BMW logo represents the Blue colour as SKY and the white represents the CLOUDS. These colours are divided into 4 parts in a circle which represents the propellers of the aeroplane.


  • Datsun:

Before it was named as DATSON, but when Nissan took over the company it changes the brand name to DATSUN, as in Japanese SON means LOSS. DAT is based on the initials of the constructors K. Den, R. Aoyama, and A. Takeuchi, while SUN represents the sun on the flag of Japan.


  • Ford:

The founder of Ford, Henry Ford was found on animals and used to love them. Hence he advised the designers to create a logo representing his love for animals. The designers created the FORD logo using a blue background and the Ford written in white colour which looks like a white rabbit.white rabbit.


  • Fiat:

The Italian company FIAT was founded in the year 1899 in the month of July. The logo consists of the initial FIAT which represents the Fabbrica Itliana Auto-the dotmobi Ledi Torino. In English the word means "law", "license" and "approval"


  • Hyundai:

The Hyundai logo has the letter H inside an oval shape circle. While the letter H represents the initial of Hyundai it also represents two men humans shaking hands. One person is the company representative and while the other person is a satisfied customer.


  • Honda:

The Japanese Automaker was founded by Soichiro Honda, in the late 40;s. He had a lot of interest in automobiles and used to work at car garage and learnt to tune cars in 1937. Hereby he went out to create the world-famous and most reliable car manufacturer HONDA. The Honda logo has the letter H which symbolizes durability in combination with confidence and it also represents the initial letter of the company name.


  • Isuzu:

The literal meaning of Isuzu is Fifty Bells and It symbolizes the bells on the Ise Grand Shrine which is situated at river Isuzu. in 1974 Isuzu merged with General Motors. to honour this merging it redesigned the logo with two pillars on top of it represents the two automotive companies. 


  • Mahindra:

Mahindra started as steel trading company in India in the year 1945. It got into the automotive industry by supplying jeeps for war and it is most famous for its iconic THAR. It is also a leading manufacturer in the commercial vehicle segment and agriculture segment with its tractors.The M in the logo symbolizes a global identity which means that there could be only one Mahindra Group in the world. The Red colour which is used in the logo represents energy.


  • Nissan:

The logo of the Nissan has the letters of this automobile manufacturer. In Japanese, the Ni means “sun”, while ssan means “product” or “birth”.


  • Peugeot:

The logo of this automobile manufacturer represents a Lion. Before the company was in the production of the see-saw, spring and other iron tools, small workshops. The lion teeth represent the strength of steel, flexible like the backbone of the Lion and the performance of the Lion. They used the logo when they were in the iron business and they also strived to run their automobile company with these qualities. Hence they continued to use the Lion logo for their automotive company.


  • Renault:

The logo of Renault is a pattern of 4 diamonds which symbolizes the Reynold  3 brothers to blend in the automobile industry. The logo also symbolizes that Renault that it can compete in the infinite space (4D), survival and development of the company.


  • Suzuki:

The logo is the Capital letter of the name of the company and it represents a feeling of infinite power and it is also a symbol of unlimited development. In India Suzuki works hand in hand with Maruti and manufactures one the most reliable cars in India. It has a vast network of showrooms and service centres in the Indian market.


  • Skoda:

The outer ring symbolises that SKODA is an impeccable product for the world and the inner ring represents Skoda’s more than 100 years tradition. Inside these rings is a green bird on an arrow, the green bird represents the technological progress of worldwide product marketing and the arrow symbolizes the advanced process.


  • Tata:

Tata is the leading automobile manufacturer in India. It is operational in more than 100 countries all over the world. It first conquered the commercial vehicle segment and now is trying the conquer the passenger vehicle segment in the Indian market and other countries of the world. The logo represents the fountain of knowledge and it also represents a tree of trust under which people can take shelter.


  • Toyota:

The logo consists of 3 ovals, the outer oval represents Earth while the other two ovals inside it are blend to represent the letter of Toyota. If you look closely at the logo we can see that the design of the logo also spells all the T O Y O T A. 


  • Volkswagen:

The logo shows the initial letters of the company name, the letter V sits above the letter W in a circle. In German language VOLKS mean people and WAGEN mean car, hence Volkswagen is the “People's car”. 



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