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Top 10 Automobile and Car Manufacturing Companies in India: The Facts Everyone Should Know Today

Being the 4th largest automobile market in the world, the automobile industry has really spread its wings over the period of time. With new models and experimental but beneficial technology gave the industries a much clear idea about the need and requirements of the common people.

The main factor for hiked up sales can be considered too. With the population rise and the constant upgrading lifestyle, the people of India have given comfort and style a green signal.

As a result, car brands have become almost a necessity, giving an opportunity or the automobile industry to hike up their sales. With the current car models with new designs, features and technology doing so well in India, the Indian market is one of the most promising automobile markets for the automotive industry.

Let us look at the largest automobile industries in the world

Tata Motors:

Formally known as a telco (Tata engineering and locomotive company) Is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in India. Known as largest in Asia and 17th largest in the world, this company is known for its cars, trucks, vans and even coaches. Tata Motors has recorded the highest sales in India in the year 2017.

A part of the Tata group, this unit was established in the year 1945 as a locomotive manufacturer. Later in the year of 1954 tata motors built its first commercial vehicle in collaboration with DAIMLER-BENZ AG. The passenger vehicle was later formulated in the year 1988 launching the first ever tata mobile followed by tata sierra in 1991. The most popular car from tata in the Indian market was tata indica that was launched in 1998 followed by nano in 2008 which turned out to be the cheapest cars in the world.

Tata also managed to acquire the Jaguar and land rover and introduced the premium brand back in the market.  Tata acquired the two brands in the year 2008 from ford and since then it has managed to turn it into a high grossing global luxury brand. Tata has assembly units in Pune and all over Gujrat.

The international units are established in Argentina, South Africa, Great Britain and Thailand. Tata has its individual research and development centres in Pune, Lucknow, Gujrat, South Korea, Great Britain and Spain. Tata has its headquarters located in Mumbai, India. It is India’s only OEM(original equipment manufacturer) offering an extensive range of automobile solutions.


With an employee strength of over 60,000 and company turn over 42 billion US dollars, the company excels in the global competition. Even though being one of the highest grossing, Tata cars still features a humble price range for its cars. It is popular for its cheap costs, different models, excellent performance and bright and bold look. Being one of the most trusted brands, quality is never an issue and with tata’s readily available service centres.  

Maintenance is the easiest. Tata has not only set foot in sedans and hatchbacks but SUVs too. With the versatile product like tata Tiago, the cheapest tata nano and the world-class SUVs Like Tata Hexa and Nexon, Tata motors are able to capture the Indian market and made its way to one of the top five best sellers in the country.

With the conventional fuel options like petrol, diesel and CNG, The price list starts from RS. 2.38L for the cheapest car that is, tata genx nano (XE version). Tata Motors offers a wide range of Tata cars models which includes Tata genx Nano, Tiago, Tigor, Nexon, Bolt, Indica, Zest, Indigo, Safari Storm, Sumo Gold, Xenon XT and  Hexa SUV. 

Tata motors are all set to launch EVs (electric vehicle) as an alternative in next-gen tata nano and Tiago. The electric option is said to be available for the new SUV tata Nexon within 2 years. The new idea of e-vision, a beautiful concept by Tata motors is to launch the events in sedans giving it a more premium and appealing look than normal hatchback events.

Not only in India, but tata has created a huge customer base in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Nepal and also has presence in Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania, turkey, chile, South Africa, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Iraq, Syria and Australia. Tata Motors is currently under the leadership of CEO Guenter Butschek. Tata can be seen in over 175 countries worldwide.

Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd

Started as an assembler for willy’s jeep, Mahindra and Mahindra have dominated the Indian car market for a very long time. Mahindra is mostly popular for its larger size of cars that dominates the SUVs and muvs in the Indian car market. Known for its strength and strong build, Mahindra has become popular in rural, semi-urban and even urban areas. As a result, Scorpio and bolero have become the crowd favourite SUVs in India. Mahindra also has a Korean subsidiary known as SsangYong which is responsible for Rexton SUV and the H5x concept on which the new harrier is based.

Mahindra is also the pioneer of fourth fuel option in India. The eco-friendly spin on the traditional fuel option, Mahindra has two cars that provide an electric battery as a fuel option in two of its cars. Mahindra e verito and Mahindra e2o are two of the car models that are available in these options. Mahindra also owns the Italian car design firm ‘pininfarina’ and is planning to launch a global luxury brand of electric cars which is assumed to be the huge rivals of Tesla.


Under the leadership of CEO Anand Mahindra, Mahindra has acquired controlling stakes for Reva electric car company and a French scooter manufacturing company called Peugeot Motorcycles. In India, Mahindra and Mahindra have headquarter located in Mumbai and two manufacturing units in Mumbai and igatpuri. As a global presence, Mahindra has subsidiaries in Europe(based in Italy), China, USA, South Africa and Philippine.  

The most recent automobile plant of Mahindra was build in Detroit, Michigan which is known as the first automobile plant built in Detroit in 25 years. The plant employs 250 people and is responsible for Mahindra roxor and Mahindra marazzo. Mahindra as a group has a current global turnover of 19 billion US dollars in 11sectors and employing about 200,000 people worldwide.

Maruti Suzuki

India’s largest passenger carmaker with 53% of its total market Share Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) previously known as ‘Maruti Udyog Limited’, started its production in 1983 in India With its first car Maruti 800. The Japanese carmaker Suzuki motor cooperation is currently the highest shareholder with owning 56.21% market share and has it's headquartered in New Delhi.


Maruti was established in February 1981, with its production starting in 1983 with its first car that was roughly based on alto kei car. A kei car is a Japanese car that features the smallest highway-legal passenger cars. The kei car category was first introduced by the Japanese government in 1949 which explains the unique design of a lot of the cars introduced by Suzuki.

Maruti Suzuki is currently under the leadership of CEO Kenichi Ayukawa, it has 3 manufacturing units in India. The manufacturing units are located in Gurgaon, Haryana and Gujrat. The three plants have a combined capacity of 17 lakh units annually. The latest launch by Maruti Suzuki was wagon r 2019. An electric option in wagon r is expected to be launched soon. Maruti Suzuki is currently employing 16,500 employees in India.

Hero Motor Corp Ltd

The largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India and in the world Hero Honda motor corp is based in New Delhi, India. The company has a market share of 46% here in India. The hero was a flagship project by Munjal brothers known as hero cycles. Hero Honda was initially a joint venture by hero cycles and Honda of Japan that started in 1984. In 2010 Honda decided to walk out of the group and hero bought the shares owned by Honda.


The company was always known for its fuel efficiency. Advertised as “fill it- shut it- forget it” hero Honda really became a success throughout the country. The technology must come from the Japanese counterpart Honda.the company name was changed from hero Honda limited to hero motorcars after the split in 2011. earlier the company was not allowed to export except for few countries like Shri lank, Nepal, Bangladesh. The termination of the partnership gave the company a right to export.

Hero motocorp has five manufacturing facilities in India which are based at Dharuhera, Gurgaon, Neemrana, Haridwar and Halol. These plants together have a production capacity of 76 lakh units per year. the research centre of hero is located at Jaipur at the centre of innovation and technology (CIT) .hero is under the leadership of CEO Pawan Munjal and has a revenue of INR 31,480 crores.

Bajaj Auto Limited

Bajaj is more popular for its 3 wheelers as well as two-wheelers. Bajaj is the third largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world and second largest in India. A subsidiary of Bajaj group, Bajaj motors deals in manufacturing of auto rickshaws, bikes and scooters. Bajaj group was founded by jamnalal bajaj in Rajasthan in 1940. Today the group is based on Pune and Maharashtra. Bajaj motors have plants in Pune, Aurangabad and Uttarakhand. The oldest plant in Pune akurdi now has an R&D centre called ‘ahead’.


Bajaj motors came into existence in 1944 as m/s bachraj trading corporation private limited. In the beginning, the Bajaj motos started with selling imported two and four wheelers. In 1959 they manufactured Vespa scooter on their own and in 1977 they sold out over 100,000 vehicles in a financial year. Bajaj is operating in 50 countries producing bikes for beginner level. Bajaj is India's largest two-wheeler exporter, exporting over 47% of it to Africa. It is also the biggest 3 wheeler manufacturer in India. The Bajaj motors are currently under the leadership of CEO Rajiv Bajaj.

Toyota Motor Corporation

TOYOTA motor corporation was founded by kiichiro Toyota in 1937. It was a part of Toyota industries that produced automobiles.in 1934 it created its engine type A and in 1936 it created its first passenger car. The Toyota motors are responsible for 5 brands namely, Toyota, Hino, Lexus, Ranz and Daihatsu. The headquarters is based in Toyota city, Aichi, Japan. Along with stakes in different companies, Toyota has joint ventures in China, the Czech Republic and in India as Toyota Kirloskar.


Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Limited is a subsidiary of Toyota with Kirloskar group as a minority owner especially for the manufacturing and sales of Toyota cars in India. Toyota India is currently the 4th largest carmaker in India. The joint venture was formed in the year 1997 with Toyota motor corporating owning 89% of the shares and the remaining 11% is owned by the Kirloskar group.

The current plant in India, Karnataka is spread across 850 acres with a capacity of 110,000 units a year. The second plant in Karnataka has a capacity of 210,000 vehicles per annum. Both plants have an employee strength over 6,400. Toyota Kirloskar has its headquarters in Bangalore, India.


Chevrolet was first founded by a Swiss race car driver and automotive engineer Louis Chevrolet and William c. Durant, William little, James h. Whiting, dr. Edwin r. Campbell in 1911 in Detroit. The first ever factory of Chevrolet was established in Michigan.


Chevrolet is one of the most recent brands that was introduced in India by general motors, a company owned by Durant. Originally it was a joint venture with Hindustan motors and it sold only Opel models till 2003. It started its production in 2003 in Gujrat with Astra and Corsa. Till 2005 all cars sold in the Indian market were imported from fuji heavy industries in Japan. Later Cruze and Tavera were building in the Gujrat plant. In 2017 Chevrolet stopped the sale and production of cars in India but continued the service centres.

Ford Motor Company

The multinational company has its headquarters in Michigan, USA. The company was founded by henry ford in 1903. It sells commercial vehicles under the Ford brand and more luxurious vehicles under the Lincoln brand name. Ford also owns a share in Aston Martin, a British sports car manufacturer. It also owns the Brazilian SUV manufacturer troller and 32% share in jiangling motors. It has joint ventures in China, Turkey, Taiwan, Thailand and Russia.

The term Fordism first came in the picture when Ford introduced a method for large scale manufacturing of cars using elaborately engineered manufacturing sequences paired with moving assembly lines. Ford’s former UK subsidiaries Jaguar and land rover were sold to Tata motors in 2008.


Ford re-entered the Indian market in 1995 after the previous subsidiary of Ford motor Canada was shut down in 1954. The 1995 company Mahindra Ford India Limited (MFIA) was launched as a joint venture with Mahindra and Mahindra limited and ford motors. Later in 1998, ford increased its share at 72% and renamed the company as ford India private limited.

Ford India is currently the 8th largest car manufacturer in India. Ford also owned the luxury brand mercury which it discontinued some time ago. Ford also owns the shares in Mazda in Japan. According to cars sold annually, ford is the second largest in the US and 4th largest in the world. In India, ford has a manufacturing unit near Chennai with a capacity of 100,000 units every year.

Honda Motors

Honda motors were formally known as Honda Siel cars India limited.  The Japanese carmaker Honda entered the Indian market in 1995. Initially, Honda India was a joint venture between Honda motor company and Usha international. Honda soon bought all the shares from usha and became the sole subsidiary of Honda. Later it changed to Honda car India Limited (HCIL), Honda has two manufacturing units in Greater Noida and Rajasthan. The plant in Noida has an estimated capacity of 100,000 units annually.


The most popular Honda car was the Honda city that was first launched in 1998 and still manages to attract the Indian market with timely updates. The Honda Accord and the CR-V let the company enter the premium car market. Initially, Honda made the debut only with petrol cars. The first diesel car introduced by Honda was a compact sedan Honda amaze that was based on the Brio hatchback.

Hyundai Motor Company

 Hyundai Motor Company was established in 1967 by Chung Ju-yung. The South Korean based company has it’s headquarter located at seul.  Hyundai owns 32.8% subsidy of Kia motors and a 100% of Genesis motor. Currently, Hyundai has six research and development centres in the world, located in South Korea (three offices), GermanyJapan and India. Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) exports passenger cars to more than 110 countries from India such as Europe, Australia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and throughout Asia.


Hyundai launched its first car santro which was the most popular car so far as it was advertised as a family car in India. The two manufacturing plants of Hyundai are located near Chennai and Tamil Nadu with a combined capacity of 600,000 units annually. The R&D facility is located in Hyderabad.

The word Hyundai means modern which the company tries to strive through its products, bringing modern technology and styles for every model. The symbol h in Hyundai is pretty thoughtful too as it represents Hyundai shaking hands with its customers, symbolizing trust. The Hyundai motors are currently under the leadership of chairman and CEO Chung mong-koo.

So far all the Indian manufacturers own at least subsidy of the local automobile industry in other countries. Same way, a lot of international industries have made it to the Indian market and are popular amongst the Indian crowd. India is one of the biggest automobile industry, the car manufacturers have produced other vehicles like buses, trucks, tractors etc. the rapidly growing automobile industries are expected to do well in the coming years and also opt for a more environmentally friendly option that is the electric vehicle. With the growing demand, the automotive industry has a very bright future in the Indian market

Do let us know your views about the largest automobile industries in India in the comments section below.  Share with us your own experience. Tell us about your favourite car and the car you would like to buy and have special offers.


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