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Top 10 Car & Automobile Magazines In India You Must Subscribe Today 

A hobby is an integral part of a person’s life. It gives us a sense of relief and mental relaxation in an otherwise hectic life. For some it’s a casual activity that is to be done in the free time, for others it can be a bit more serious which requires few hours of their valuable time every week.

Whatever it may be, a hobby can transition a person’s mind from everyday stress to serenity. And sometimes, if it's taken seriously enough, a hobby can transform into ambition.

A hobby can be defined as collecting an object or performing a task that requires a special type of skill and knowledge. A hobbyist not only entertains himself with the activity but is also keen on collecting all the possible knowledge he could acquire.

To gain theoretical and practical knowledge about a certain hobby, a hobbyist must find ways in which the related knowledge could be procured. Since the dawn of time, man has been using scripts to pass down the knowledge.

Even today, in a world full of technology, the best type of is the one inscribed. We do have videos and another form of communicative and informative manners but a noted down script calls for authenticity and that’s where it becomes superior to the other media.

India is a huge market for the automobile industry, almost every family here has at least one vehicle and most people take good care of it and even sometimes refers to the vehicle as a part of the family.

The way a hobby of collecting vehicles or just gaining more information about it has become a part of the hobby. Even if a person is not a hobbyist but is looking to buy a new car, gaining some information about the new releases, features and engine are crucial.

There are many ways to find such information like online sites, newspaper etc. magazine is one of them, a true hobbyist usually has a subscription of at least one of the magazines out there.

From global releases to new car comparison, these magazines cover every automobile related information of the month. Through research, personal reviews and public opinion are the key points these magazines cover.

So here are the top 10 automobile magazines that are currently popular in India.

  1. Motoring world

It is an automobile magazine mainly focusing on cars and bikes in India. Known for its presentation, the motoring world strives to achieve a sleek, sophisticated and subtle look for all its content and photographs. Currently edited by Pablo Chatterjee, the magazine concentrates on being informative without being overwhelming and boring.

The car also covers motorsports, award ceremonies and road trip reviews. Founded in 1999, this oldest automobile magazines in India is still one of the most successful magazines in the country.  

It has received over 195645 likes on facebook which proves that its popularity amongst the youth. You can even avail a subscription of motoring world online.

The office of motoring world is located in Mumbai. The annual printed subscription will cost you Rs.1050/- and the printed plus digital version costs Rs.3000/-.

  1. Overdrive

Overdrive is an automobile magazine featuring news, videos, photos and reviews about cars and bikes in India. Founded by Mike Parkhurst 20 years ago and has its presence across web, print, television and even events. With a highly interactive medium, overdrive gets exactly what the consumer needs.

Specifically targeting the automobile enthusiasts, the magazine concentrates on providing in-depth reviews, hottest news, new development, step by step guides and even helpful tips. edited by Max Heine the magazine has a current circulation of 1,65,000. Overdrive is also associated with CNBC and CNN to update you on daily auto-related news on the televised platform.

Overdrive has its own award shows that started in 2000. Overdrive has been updating itself according to the generation and is one of the favourites amongst the youth.

An annual subscription of overdrive costs around Rs.1500/-.

  1. Autocar

The world’s oldest car magazine Autocar UK was founded in 1895. The magazine introduced itself to the Indian market in 1999. It provides reviews, comparison, the latest news in the automobile industry.

Autocar India has its own youtube channels and a lot of fanbases. The lead editor of this magazine, Hormazd Sorabjee with an experience of over 25 years is one of India's leasing automobile journalist. Autocar also claims to invent the road test in 1928.

The annual subscription of Autocar will cost around Rs.1800/-.

  1. Evo

Evo is a British car magazine that covers from recent hatchbacks to even supercars. initially published in 1998, It mostly covers the performance of a certain car and provides information about the latest car news and technology.

The Evo is currently edited by Sirish Chandran who has 20 years of journalism experience in the automobile industry. A year’s digital subscription will cost you around rs. 1350/-.

Evo has its own brand name merchandise where you can get automobile related clothing, cellphone covers and much more. Evo has its headquarters in Pune.

  1. Top Gear

Inspired by a British television series ‘top gear’, the magazine came to the Indian market in 2005. Owned by BBC Worldwide, this car magazine is published and edited in several countries.

Currently edited by Girish karkera, It is termed as one of the most exciting automobile magazines in India bringing you the world’s top auto news, new technology in features, real reviews and exciting content. Road tests, comparisons are some of the topics covered by top gear.

You can grab a copy to get a real story behind the world’s most exciting cars at just Rs.1200/- (discounted rate) of the annual fee.

  1. Whatcar?

What car are a UK's long-running monthly car magazine and website? First published in 1973, it was initially intended for car buyers rather than car enthusiasts.

This automobile magazine gives its readers the best information about buying the best car for the best deal. This automotive magazine provides comparisons and reviews to their readers, helping them decide what to choose.

An annual subscription of what car costs around rs.500/-

  1. Car India

The dedicated car magazine focuses on the latest news, real reviews, international stories and new launched in the automotive industry. The magazine also covers motorsports and other automobile related events in India. Edited by Aspi Bhathena, this auto magazine is knowns for its design and publicity.

The annual subscription of car India will cost you Rs. 1140/- (with discount). 

  1. Auto Bild

Published by India today group, the auto bid India is currently under the leadership of editor Yogendra Pratap. Known to be one of the highest circulated auto magazines in the world, it is known for its unbiased opinion. Originated in Germany, it covers road tests and latest auto news. It even hosts contests for the same.

An annual subscription will cost you Rs. 816/- (offer price).

  1. Bike India - India's No. 1 Two Wheeler Magazine, By Far!

A sub-branch of car India that exclusively features two-wheelers in India is edited by Aspi bhathena. India as the second largest market for two-wheelers around the world lacked a dedicated two-wheeler magazine.

The magazine was first published in 2005 gaining a massive response from the people. It soon became popular and is a go-to magazine for bike enthusiasts.

A year’s subscription will cost around Rs 1200. (without an offer).

  1. xBHP - Extra Breaking Horse Power

Run by hardcore motorcyclists, the XBHP was published as a bi-monthly magazine in 2010. The magazine concentrates on the biker. having a motto of “I, biker”, putting the motorcyclist before the motorcycle.

The magazine strives to make A motorcycle less of a necessity and more of a lifestyle choice. For, by and about the Indian motorcyclists, this magazine soon became the most popular 2 wheeler magazine in India.

Transitioning from an online community to a proper printing magazine, this extra braking horsepower magazine (xBHP) aims to cover people, bike travels and safe motorcycling practices. Xbhp also has its own merchandise store that covers all biker related requirements.

While buying a new vehicle, researching all the aspects is crucial. At the same time gaining more information is necessary. Whether you are a person looking to buy a car and is a little interested in the automobile industry or an automobile enthusiast, obtaining subscription of one of these magazines can really help in the long run.

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