Car buying is an emotional journey especially if it’s your first car. It’s sad that purchasing a car in India is still a long and tedious process. First you have to figure out the segment, the fuel trim, variant and color. And if you have figured all that out, there are more tricky things-waiting period, insurance, loan approval, registration, cost of ownership, maintenance and after sales. However, you don’t have to do everything perfectly when you’re car shopping, but there are some big mistakes you definitely should avoid. As you start your search for your next car, stay away from these top buying blunders. They can really cost you.

Mistake Number 1: Not doing your homework

No sir, you should not go directly to the showroom and book the car your neighbour’s driving. You should spend some time doing online research at sites like MyNewCar, where you can learn what’s available, compare costs and features, read expert reviews and road tests and estimate financing costs. MyNewCar being an online showroom offers unbiased information for different automaker, be it Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Honda or any other carmaker. While in the dealership, it is obvious that the sales executive will give you biased advice. Also you should know which segment and fuel trim you looking for.

Mistake Number 2: Not taking a test drive

Do you know, only 30% of car buyers insist on test driving for more than 10kms while most of them end up in a cursory 10-minute spin around the block in one car. That’s a strict no no. You should consider cars from several automaker and drive at least five to seven cars to get a true basis for comparison.

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Mistake Number 3: Not negotiating the final price

Well, buying a car is not same as eating in a restaurant that you can’t bargain. If you want the best deal, nothing can replace pitting one offer against another by shopping around. Do research on what discounts are available and ask about manufacturer specials and impending price cuts. Although, websites like MyNewCar already takes care of this so that customers have hassle and haggle free experience.

Mistake Number 4: Forgetting about insurance and registration.

In India, it’s mandatory to have an insurance on your car. For a new car, it’s advisable to go for zero depreciation or compressive insurance. You would feel you are wasting a lot of money for the insurance but trust us, it’s the most important thing to take care of. And zero depreciation is the word to remember.

Mistake Number 5: Not going with ABS, EBD, Airbag fitted variant.

The most disgusting thing one can do while buying a new car is not opting for variant that offers Antilock brake systems (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC), and front or head-protecting side airbags. Forget about the freebies, forget about spending on accessories, invest in the variant or model which offers maximum amount of safety features.


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