on 28, Dec 2017

Are you thinking to buy a car, and want to know what all it should have to ensure your safety, well then you are at the right place. Let’s look at certain things that your car must have in order to ensure your safety! Here are the TOP 5 things you must pay attention to before going for any car:


Tire-pressure monitors


According to a government regulation made in 31st October, 2006 which proposes that all vehicles must have a low tire pressure warning system. As we all know that underinflated tires not only disturbs handling but also affect the fuel efficiency of the car. Underinflated tires are risky as well as they have a fair chance to blowout, which is in fact a very dangerous thing for the car. Moreover, underinflated tires are more prone to wear and tear. Tires loose air through rubber slowly and gradually. This process is very slow to be noticeable by any car owner, therefore such devices are very important so that, air pressure in tires can be maintained up to a particular level.


Traction control

Traction control is an electronic control system, which is designed to limit the wheel spin during the speeding process in order to make sure that the driver wheel has maximum traction. This device is particularly useful when we are starting our engine in wet or icy conditions or say if we have a high-horsepower engine. There are some traction devices, which only work at low speed, and there are some, which work at all, speed levels, therefore you must go for the one, which is versatile.

Most of the traction control system in the market use car’s antilock brake system to stop the spinning wheel, while there are some which may also throttle back the engine and upshift the transmission t0 stop the spinning wheel.


Safety-belt features

Safety seat belts are one of the most important safety equipment in a vehicle.

  • Pretensioners – pretensioners are the ones, which reduce the slack in the seatbelt at the time of impact and protect the passenger from being thrown forward.

  • Webbing clamps – webbing clamps are the ones that stop the belt from opening any further during any crash, keeping the passenger firm on the seat.

  • Load limiters – Load limiters are only present in the cars with airbags, they mainly allows the seatbelt to unreel itself so that the pressure applied on the person's chest area because of the airbag is reduced.

  • Adjustable upper anchorage points – these are the ones which makes it possible for a passenger to adjust the seat belt according to his/her height so that the seatbelt is perfectly aligned to his body.


LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children)


These days all vehicles are required to have a proper LATCH installed. The LATCH system makes child-seat installation more easy and secure. The whole system includes built-in lower anchors and top-tether attachment points for the LATCH-compatible child safety seats as a result this LATCH system makes the child seat system more secure. But tis is majorly found that significant number of cars with a LATCH system fail to make them usre friendly or say the LATCH system is not easy enough to be used by everyone. Therefore we recommend you all that you must check or rather install a child seat if you have, in order to make sure that the car you are purchasing is perfect in this respect.



Airbags are the most basic equipment in minimizing injuries at the time of any accident that is why they are one of the things car has in common. We feel airbags should be made a standard for all cars, and it is only India where there’s no rule regarding he airbags.
Airbags work as Supplemental Restraint Systems (SRS) because they supplement the protection, which is offered by the seat belts. Well, airbags can even be dangerous if used without seatbelts. Airbags are made up of a very flexible fabric envelope they are inflated by a highly fast reaction producing nitrogen; as a result the fabric of the airbag expands in less than 40 milliseconds. Moreover, airbag opens with a great pressure, which is why children are not advised to sit in the front, because their skulls are not fully developed.


These were certain things that you must pay attention to while purchasing a car. Hope this article helps you buying a perfect car for you. See you in our next article.


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