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We Indians just don't own cars for transportation, but it also indicates one's success in life. We also have many automotive enthusiasts, who go to the extreme with their cars and drive purely for their passion.


Buying a new car gets very complicated, if a person doesn't have much knowledge about cars. The important thing to know before buying a new car is what type of car will suit you. Many of us get confused in what type of car we should own and sometimes we end up buying the wrong style of car according to one's use. But this article will help you distinguish between the different types of cars.



It is a type of body which is small in size than the rest of the types of car. The back side of the car is hinged and do not have much space in the boot. These types of cars are best for city rides. Due to hectic traffic in the cities, these types of cars are easy to maneuver and they don't burn a hole in the pocket in case of maintenance. As we know that the size of the car is the smallest in the category, there won't be any issues to park the car as they don't need much space. These types of cars are mostly powered by an engine displacement between 800-1600cc and also gives better fuel economy.


Alto 800, Alto K10, Grand i10, Elite i20, Tiago, etc are some examples of Hatchback cas available in India.




These types of cars consists of a boot in the back side. The length of these cars are longer than the hatchbacks, this helps to provide more legroom and is more spacious. If you want to go on long road trips, you don't have to worry about the luggage as the boot is larger than that of the hatch back cars. These types of cars have better comfort and the power generated by the engine is suitable for highway rides and long road trips. The engine capacity of these cars are in the range of 1200cc-1800cc, but driving these cars in traffic can be a pain due to their long length.


Cars such as Hyundai Verna, Maruti-Suzuki Ciaz, VW vento, etc fall in the sedan category.


Compact Sedan:

To  tackle the problems faced by sedans, automotive manufacturers have started producing compact sedan cars. These cars are shorter in length which helps to maneuver easily in city traffic and in the meantime have decent legroom as well as boot space. Due to these specifications, it also provides better fuel economy and one doesn't have to face much parking issues.


Hyundai Xcent Tata Tigor, VW Ameo, etc come into the Compact SUV category



SUV  stands for sports utility vehicle and usually consists of higher capacity engines, high ground clearance and off-road capabilities. These type of cars are large in size, consist of higher performance engines which range from 1500cc-3200cc. They usually consist of a third row and has 7+1 seating capacity. These cars are mostly owned by car enthusiasts who love to go offroading and also used for long road trips. SUV’s can carry about 7-8 passengers and also provides great comfort and high performance. The boot size of these cars is large and carry many bags in it. The cost of these vehicles are more and so is the maintenance cost.


Tata Hexa, XUV500, Jeep Compass, Toyota Fortuner, etc are the examples of cars who fall in the SUV category.


Compact SUV:


The vehicles falling in this category usually are for the customers who have a tight budget and want to enjoy the features of an SUV. The size of these vehicles are smaller than that of SUVs. These cars have a better fuel economy than the SUV’s and the maintenance cost is also less. Due to their smaller size it can also be used for city use and for long drives and some fun offroading. Some of the cars usually don't get the third row of seats.


Hyundai Creta, Tata Nexon, Maruti-suzuki Vitara Brezza, etc are examples of the cars which fall in the compact SUV category.


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