on 26, Nov 2014

Hello MNCians!

In continuation to where we left last week on comparing Maruti Suzuki Ertiga & Honda Mobilio, look forward to understand the interiors of both these vehicles along with the 9 points, ‘NavRatan‘, to look into any car before you make a decision.

The Ertiga’s interiors looks better and gives a premium feel compared to the Mobilio. The dashboard especially looks fastidious than the Mobilio, plus the color tone suits the car and is again better than what you get in the Mobilio.

Mobilio has the same dashboard as that of brio which now becomes a little boring and lacks some styling creating a contrast to the exterior which is loaded with lines and cuts . The retractable cup holder, few cut outs and holes on the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga dashboard and near the driver are enough to hold several things. It is essential for MPV to be able to carry more stuff and at that the Mobilio designers make a comeback into the fight by giving more practicality to the interiors. Also the Mobilio has an optional variant which gives you the touchscreen infotainment that Ertiga doesn’t.

The Mobilio is very comfortable in terms of space provided , it has more leg room in both second and third row than the Ertiga, let’s not forget the Mobilio is longer than the Ertiga . But Mobilio has thinner cushioning making it not so pleasant for long journeys and the third row also lacks under thigh support . The Ertiga though has better cushioning and feels better for long journeys. Mobilio has a much simpler access to the third row by just the move of a lever while the Ertiga is not that easy. Both cars have foldable seats for increasing boot space and rear ac vents in the second row.

For more details on the interiors & exteriors, watch out the MyNewCar blog space.


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