on 27, Jul 2015

Renault is going to up the ante though and bring in the long awaited facelift which is sure to bag it some sales numbers. But it’s not just the look that the company plans to change. It’s also the gearbox that has been thought about and the Duster will most likely move away from becoming an SUV that’s only available with manual transmission.

The French car manufacturer is looking to bring the new Duster with an automatic transmission and this means that it will be ready to tackle the likes of the Hyundai Creta with more ammunition in its package. This is not going to happen so soon, because Renault is concentrating all their attention to get things right with their small car- Kwid. The baby Duster is currently the top priority and we expect the facelift to come soon after.

Currently, the Duster is powered by the 1.5-litre dCi diesel engine and it’s most likely to get the EDC (Efficient Dual Clutch) transmission. This will have an effect on the price of the car but knowing Renault, they will be looking to make the cost both aggressive and effective to take on the Creta.

Source: NDTV


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