on 08, Jun 2015

Kerb Weight 760 kgs.
Rear Wheel Drive
Rear Engine.
Nope, we’re not talking  about Formula 1 cars which have similar specifications. We’re talking about a made in India Automatic Hatchback which has now become the most affordable automatic hatchback , the Tata NANO!

The Nano started off with the cheapest car tag. However, like all the 100Cr. Bollywood club movies lacking soul or story, Nano also pretty much didn’t turn out to be what Tata and moreover the Janta had hoped for. This was mainly because of it crossing the Rs. 1lakh tag on road and the fire issues.
But, Tata showed faith in the product and has spent time and money to keep this little thing running for long.
So let’s get on to it right away!

The GenX Nano’s major addition is the AMT gearbox, that should take away some sales figures from Celerio for sure.

Design and Looks

The GenX comes with changes in design philosophy nothing which would make you go like “hey, which car is that?” more like, “that Nano looks different!”
They have got  new smoky blacked out headlamps(good move),
new “infinity motive” front grill with a smiley kind of appearance to the front.

The rear , they have got this infinity grill again . But but unlike the previous gen, the boot lid in the recent one opens, this means you can have Drag reduction on when it is in ‘fast n furious’ mode with someone at the signal (No, don’t even think of trying that!).

Stepping into the inside Nano has never disappointed on the amount of space it offers, this time neither. It feels very roomy and the large windows help !
There’s a new steering which looks really sporty  and the instrument cluster overs way more info now, so you don’t need a race engineer on the radio telling you if  something is wrong with the car. The Nano has it sorted with the basic and important info you’ll need.

There are added features in the stereo which you would expect,
then there’s the AMT gearknob sitting right between the handbrake and the power window switches, which by the way are only for the front two power windows.

How is it to drive?

38HP being churned out of that 624cc twin cylinder engine with 51 NM of torque at 4000RPM doesn’t sound much. And you’re right , it isn’t. But hey, it is a car meant for the city andcities have traffic jams , Nano has less power, which means more fuel efficiency even in TRAFFIC!

The 5 Speed AMT isn’t really the smoothest one , it does lack refinement and is slow to respond although it does come with a creep feature which helps in bumper to bumper traffic. It has a Sports mode and Tiptronic mode option as well. The automatic mode does a decent job, the sports mode will not make you go “WOAH” or anything it’ll just make the revs go higher and shift nothing exciting honestly. the manual override though is a good add on if you want things to be under your control. On the whole this AMT does a decent job. Given the price tag of the car I should be saying this does a really good job.

The steering is the something I really liked, it is the one in the Zest and Bolt. now feedback wise it is good, and it stiffens up with high speeds something seen in cars with thrice the price tag  of this Tata.It is very light and nimble in the city and keeping in mind that this is meant mainly for city driving steering will be a bliss to squeeze your way through traffic.
What I miss is a tachometer.

Braking is something Tata could have really worked on , there is no ABS available even as an option. Front brakes should have had disc instead of drums because under hard braking conditions the car really under performs and doesn’t give you that secure feeling.

Comfort and Space

Comfort of this car again is decent, if road isn’t great the rear passengers will have to manage a little with discomfort so make sure you  call for shotgun first. Due to small wheel size there is whatever amount discomfort over potholes but it is not that bad.
Space has never been a complain with this “compact hatch” . The cabin feels incredibly spacious, there’s plenty of headroom,knee and legroom.

Other than that there are slots and spaces in the front to keep stuff but none in the back which is a downside.
The bootlid now opens and it offers 110 L for Manual and 94 L in the AMT, and there is no boot lid opener you got to switch the car off and go to the boot and open . yea now it sounds like a lot 14 years back it was nothing!

The seats are comfy , no complains.


It now has a bigger 24 L fuel tank, front only power windows,A/C , a rear parcel shelf integrated with speakers which btw are 4 in total connected to an audio system with bluetooth streaming with your cell for phone and audio functions . Not to forget the USB, AUX-in and CD with it.Central locking,12v socket , gearshift indicator. That is quite a lot actually!


Well the Nano and safety aren’t really good friends. Although Tata has increased the front giving it the crumple zone apart from that you have seatbelts, side impact beams a hazard switch . Yes, you can always try praying when you know it might not go down well. Also, the braking as mentioned before could do with discs at least and absence of ABS to be noted as well .

Should you buy it?
If you are looking for an urban commuter which doesn’t cost you a lot to buy or run, you don’t have to look elsewhere . With a price tag of 3 lakh rupees , the mileage of 21.9 kmpl and the convenience of an Automatic . it is without a doubt – a YES.
But, if you are looking for intra city or town commuting you should look for something more safe and with a little more power.
Positives are the AMT,Price, Fuel Economy, space
Negatives – lack of safety,lack of refinement , engine power.

That’s about the all new GenX Nano AMT.
Comment your thoughts below and let us know what you think of the car as well!


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