on 04, Aug 2015

Volkswagen is trying hard to get with the top listers like the Suzuki and Hyundai. Volkswagen has had a bit of up and down curve with sales but it recently reported July 2015 sales were up by 18% to July 2014 and it has a quite a few launches lined up for the near future.

1. The VW Bora
It is a sub 4 meter compact sedan based on the Polo , this is exactly what Swift Dzire is to Swift. It is expected to have competitive pricing because of increase in level of localization of parts and will be revealed at the 2016 Auto Expo.

2.Compact SUV
After Duster and Ecosport rocked the lists Hyundai and Maruti pulled their socks and launched what was expected to be a rival for the Duster and Ecosport but turned out to be a crossover and proper SUV not a compact one . So VW plans to put in its list a made for India compact SUV.  VW tiguan is a smaller version of the Touareg .

3. New Passat
The Passat is all set for come back soon and this time with a lot more features .

4. New Beetle
Like the Passat Beetle will also be making its come back with updated features . 


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