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Know how Mynewcar helps you find the Best Car Deals in a Minute?

Today’s situation demands a car to be more of a necessity than a luxury. Whether it’s a rural area or an urban city, a car is the most convenient mean of a commute. Whether it be a daily commute to the office or a road trip every weekend, having your own car just makes life easier. Even though a car is considered a need, buying a car can be expensive at times.

Sure, we have cars that are below rs. 5 lakhs but still buying a car is a big decision and should be made considering every possible aspect of the car you are going to buy. Another important thing to look for is buying a car from a trusted source.

So how do you choose a New Car?

A car should look luxurious, have a strong powerful engine and accommodate every person you are planning to get the car for. Also the car should have the safety and other additional features you are looking for and also match your social status. At the same time, the cost of the car has to be considered too. You should always go for a car that is in the budget.

As mentioned before, a car should be from a trusted source. Now, not everybody has time to go around showrooms looking for the new car. At the same time, the salesperson might mislead you or can ask for a higher price for personal benefit. Your trusted source should have a completely transparent paperwork. So how will you manage that? what other options are there? Of course, buying a car online

Since every deal is on a computer and accessible for both parties, the paperwork is as transparent as it could be. Mynewcar.in being one of the most trusted sites when it comes to buying the car online.


So what exactly is Mynewcar?

MYNEWCAR is a leading company, providing you with new cars, accessories and other services such as insurance renewal, car finance, leasing. Carving a niche in the automobile industry, MYNEWCAR helps you buy or renew car insurance, calculate interest on a monthly basis, lease your car with zero down payment, and get exciting exchange offers. Moreover, the company has plenty of deals for you such as free holiday vouchers, free roadside assistance for two years, free car servicing voucher, free car cover with our car finance solution, and so on. In short, all your in-depth car related solutions are just one click away. Visit MYNEWCAR.in and gain the upper hand in minutes.

  • Search the car of your choice

Select the car amongst hundreds of options available. You can get in depth information about the cost, features, specifications and every other aspect of the car. A gallery consisting images of the exteriors and interiors are also available. You can view and select the colour that you like and know about the offers.

Mynewcar.in urges its buyers to compare all the car models and choose the best option available. You can choose up to 3 cars to compare to each other. Compare the cost of the cars with its features, engine and specifications to choose the best among it. According to the new data, about 64% of car buyers compare cars before selecting.

My new car introduces its test driving solution ‘trivz’. It’s available as an online site trivz.in and the trivz app is available for android and ios as well. Or simply log onto mynewcar.in and select ‘book a test drive’ from the site

So how does Trivz work?

Trivz lets you choose an owner and a car around your neighbourhood. By default, the car will be selected within the 10kms radius from your location but you can edit it ranging from 5kms to even 50kms. Once an owner is selected; you have the option to contact him via the application. The best part about this app is not only you get to talk to a real time owner but also your contact number will be masked by the application ensuring your privacy. Once you are allotted a car owner you can decide on the test drive within a week. You can decide the location of the test drive based on your comfort. That’s not all, you can even cancel the test drive if you are uncertain about the car or the owner. The user friendly interface lets you book a test drive with ease.

While buying a car, all of us look for that special discount. Whether we are buying online or from a showroom, people always tend to ask for a discount or some special offers. We always see some offers during the festive season but we are not always able to catch those. Hence, mynewcar.in brings, you offer on your favourite cars every month.

  • Doorstep delivery

That’s not all this mynewcar.in does for you. Mynewcar.in also provides you with the comfort of doorstep delivery after booking the car.

insurance2019Everybody has experienced an accident in their life at least once. It’s not always easy to buy a car when it comes to finances. Not to mention the costs of maintaining a car afterwards. Other than the normal maintenance, sometimes a car can get damaged due to an accident. The cost of repair at that point can be really high and not everybody can afford it. But, there is a solution.

A car insurance provides financial protection against physical damage or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and against liability that could also arise from incidents in a vehicle. In such cases, the company will provide the damage amount of the claim. Car insurance is pretty common and compulsory. But at the same time, it can be pretty hectic to renew it from time to time.

Nowadays you can buy anything on the internet. So, why not car insurance? Mynewcar.in provides exactly that. Its easy, safe and it won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time. Click here for more information on car insurance. Visit mynewcar.in For further information and to get a new car insurance.

Car-finance2019 Car finance allows the customer to buy the vehicle upfront and pay later, in equated monthly instalments. The terms of a car loan depend on various factors, including your income, credit score and credit history. 

It takes a lot of time to finance a car, to choose finance that is best for you. A lot of people think that financing a car online will be the most difficult part, but if you have the documents ready with a car on your mind, financing online is as easy. Click here for more car finance related information.

Car-Leasing2019Leasing a car is something that got recently popular here in India. Initially, it was popular in companies that required lots of cars for transportation of clients. In this new era, car leasing got such tremendous demand that cars can also be leased even for personal use. Now, there are some people who like to own a car and take care of it, regardless of the amount it costs. If you are one of those car leasings Is not for you and buying a new car is something you should consider. But if you want a car just for transportation and you love to drive the newest model available in the market, car leasing is something you should definitely go for!

Car leasing can let you drive your dream car with the amount you would pay as your monthly emi instalments, with the inclusion of free services. That’s not all, in case of accidental damage or if the car stops working, the company will replace the current car with a new one! You can lease a car for your personal use or for a family member and you can even lease multiple cars for your company as well. Mynewcar.in lets you lease the car with zero down payment!

Click here for more information regarding car leasing.

Car-Exchange2019Now that’s not all mynewcar.in does, the one stop destination for all your car related needs also takes care of your old car. It provides easy exchanges for your old car so you don’t have to worry about selling it either.

The benefits of exchanging a car on mynewcar.in includes,

  • Best price for your car, transparent evaluation

  • Best car exchange offer on new cars

  • Exchange bonus

  • Zero down payment

  • Low EMI (as the amount of old car is deducted)

  • Your car goes into the right hands

  • Clean documentation

The process of exchange is pretty simple too. All you have to do is visit mynewcar.in and follow these 5 simple steps

  1. Enter  your car details

  2. Get your old car valuation done for free

  3. Review estimated evaluation

  4. Select any new car on mynewcar.in

  5. Exchange the old car and buy a new car online!

We always bargain while buying anything so why should we pay the full price while buying a car. The days of running to different showrooms to get the best deals and discounted offers on your car are over. Now you can access deals on different cars every month. With additional discount mynewcar also provides you with different offers and services even post the purchase of your car. The car offers include up to,

  1. Rs. 5000/- worth holiday vouchers

  2. Rs. 3000/- worth roadside assistance for up to 2 years

  3. Car servicing voucher worth Rs. 1000/-

  4. If you opt for car finance from mynewcar you will also get an additional car cover worth Rs.2000/-

Selecting a car is not easy, with soo many options and features sometimes, it gets difficult to select a car. Keeping that struggle in mind, Mynewcar also came up with the car advice. Get honest and real time feedback from the trusted sources only on mynewcar.in.  The ‘advice’ column is a set of articles mainly designed to answer the day to day car related questions of a customer. From buying advice to new car launches, latest offers and automobile news, mynewcar.in got, you covered for all. Not just that, mynewcar also provides you with car maintenance tips and also with car driving tips which makes caring for your car much easier. you can even get much needed general information on the cars here. If you do not understand something, you can always ask mynewcar on its comment section below the article. You can also contact customer care and even write your question in the comment section below.

So, search and compare, buy new car, exchange your old one and even find a financial solution for your new car. Mynewcar.in offers All these options just under one site.

So what are you waiting for? Visit mynewcar.in to book the car of your dreams today. Stay tuned to mynewcar.in for more updates, latest news and growing trends in Indian automotive industry.


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