on 14, Sep 2017

Do you want a new car ? But your bad credit score is stopping you from getting that shiny new ride you just laid your eyes on. Well you need not worry as Mynewcar.in will help you with your finance options and get you the best deals.


Gone are the days when you had to move around various dealerships and banks to get your loan approved to buy your new car. Mynewcar will help you with this and make this procedure hassle free, just at a phone call. We will help you save your precious time and help you get the best offers. Mynewcar has partnership with various banks such as Kotak Mahindra, Axis Bank, Yes Bank, Mahindra Finance, HDFC bank and ICICI Bank.


You can contact us at 022-45020304 or request us a call back by clicking here and our concerned executive will help you with this process.


To simplify the process of buying a new car with bad credit score, we have listed the main points you should know


  1. Minimum 25k/month or 3lac annually (if less than that an earning co-applicant will be needed)

  2. Check your credit score and try to improve it.

  3. If there any current loan the pending amount to be paid should be between 6-8 months

  4. Try and pay off the current pending loan amount to improve your credit score.

  5. You can apply for loan if you have add an earning co-applicant.

  6. Staying in own/fathers owned house.

  7. Mahindra finance helps to get loan on cars even if your credit score is low


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