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Why Hyundai Kona Is Going To Be The Most Affordable Electric Car Of The Year?

How many times have we looked at the traffic outside and thought that there has to be an alternate way for this pollution?

The ever increasing petrol and diesel prices not only put a huge hole in our savings but also are responsible for the foul air we breathe. Cng still is the cheaper way out but it's still not a complete solution for the pollution problem.

Since the beginning of the automotive industry, people have been looking for an option that does lesser damage. The funny thing is, the answer was right in front of us since the invention of the first car but it was discarded for its inefficiency.

Since then, there has been a lot of research regarding the 4th fuel option. The electric cars have been pretty efficient in the last decade and they continue to improve every passing day.

Even in India, the new brands have invested in the future of automobiles and are coming up with new products with enhanced capacity. Previously, the electric option was only limited to 2 cars but now more and more options are coming for the common people to use.


Kona Electric is one of the most awaited cars. There have been too much excitement and talks regarding the new launch by Hyundai. This recently launched compact SUV is available in a price range of rs. 25.3 lakhs- rs. 25.5 lakhs. 

Hyundai Kona Exteriors:

First, look at the car and you already know its Hyundai. Featuring similar styling and signature grille the car catches everybody’s attention. What surprises people the most is the new bold design of the Kona electric.

Don’t mistake the car as delicate just because of its an EV. Unlike the usual electric cars, Kona has received a bigger and bolder hood along with some best features, muscular design and great styling.

The car does not look delicate from any corner in fact adds a style statement to the increasing market of Evs. The boxy shape along with sleek LEDs gives the car more of an SUV look.


The design aspect of the Kona electric is much more aerodynamical and comes with a much lower overall drag coefficient. The practical design has given the car a roof that can support 80kgs ideal for the Indian families on the go.

The car does come with a new and unique twin headlight design with new LED headlamps and LED daytime running lights ate signature. The aerodynamic theme follows the car through its entire body. The rear LED lights feature a sleek design giving a futuristic appearance. The car also comes with an option of 17-inch alloy wheels. 

Hyundai Kona Interiors:

The car is spacious. For an electric vehicle, the car gives much sense of space than its rivals. It has 332 litres of the boot which is more than enough for a weekend outing.

Speaking of boot, the car has a very well designed rear door that opens wide and is provided with a low load height compared to other cars. The roominess in the car is something to be appreciated. With good seating, the car does seem more on the premium side. 

download (10).jpg

At the front, the traditional gear shifter is replaced with four drive-by-wire buttons(for a switch between drive, neutral, reverse and park), giving plenty of storage at front. The car also comes with an optional sunroof and enhances the overall premium look. The rear also comes with a 60:40 split, extending the boot space.

Hyundai Kona Engine:

The car comes with 2 engine options, a 100kw that gives out 136ps with a 39kwh battery pack and a 150kw motor that gives out 204ps with a 64kwh battery pack.

The car has a mileage of 452km once fully charged. The car comes with a 50kw fast home charger that charges the car battery from 0-80% in just 57 minutes.

Another home charger available will be a home wall box charger that takes around 6 hours and 10 minutes for full charge perfect for overnight charging. The portable 2.8kw charger will also be available that can be plugged in a regular wall socket that takes 19 hours for a full charge. 

All the electric vehicles use a single-speed transmission, the car does come with eco, eco+, comfort and sports mode.

Hyundai Kona Features:

The car does come with some of the features we might not be used to. Let’s start with the gear shift. A four-button cluster placed on the centre console controls the gear of the entire car.

The shift between drive, neutral, reverse and park are performed with the help of these buttons. Might be inconvenient for some of us who are already used to a proper gear shift but it may eventually grow on you. 

download (9).jpg

The car comes with a 7-inch digital instrument cluster that displays the drive mode, monitors energy flow and battery charge levels.  It also features a sporty-looking steering wheel embedded with positioned controls so you can stay connected and operate the system with ease. 

The highlighted feature of the car would be a head-up display that projects important information speed, navigations and warnings right in front of your line of sight.

The 7 inch LCD touchscreen infotainment system that is standard comes with rear camera, apple carplay and android auto with BlueTooth connectivity. The Kona Electric also comes with an optional 8-inch touchscreen with 3D navigation, media and connectivity features. 

The car also covers new features like heated, ventilated seats that are available with 3-step ventilation and heating system suitable for all kind of weather. Also comes with climate pre-setting that warms up your car to a temperature of your choosing. 

Also comes with dual climate control, heated steering wheels, roof support (that supports up to 80kgs). Standard features include wireless charging, 8-speaker sound system, 10- way power adjustable driver’s seat.

download (11).jpg

Safety features include, six airbags, vehicle stability management, electronic stability control, hill assist control, disc brakes for all four wheels, ISOFIX child seat anchor and a rear camera.

It also features a virtual sound system to warn pedestrians and a tyre pressure monitoring system as well. It also includes, cruise control with stop and goes, lane-keeping assist, lane following assist, high and low beam assist, driver assistant warning, intelligent speed limit warning, rear cross-traffic collision warning and blind-spot collision warning.

Warranty wise, Kona electric comes with a 5-year unlimited mileage. The lithium-ion polymer battery that is used comes with a warranty of 8 years or 200,000 km.


Hyundai Kona Rivals:

There are not many options available for an electric vehicle in India. At present, for this price range and features, Kona electric does not have any rivals. The Kona Electric will have a rival in the future until the launch of MG ezs in December 2019.

Kona electric is definitely a step up when it comes to EVs in the Indian automotive industry. This initiative may actually motivate Indian automobile users to opt for a more environment-friendly way of commute. Installing a solar panel can even make the commute inexpensive and with absolutely zero-emission. 

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