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What Does Your Car Say About Your Personality?

A person’s personality is reflected through the actions. It stands true in case of car purchase as well. The way we speak, talk, walk, think and work, all tell something about us.

How we dress up, what type of products we buy, what type of friends we make also sends the details of our personality to others. In this continuously changing world, sticking to one’s own personality and maintaining our uniqueness is the best thing.

Even the type of car we buy and the colour of the car we opt for reflects who we are. Many people still consider cars as a means of transportation from the source to a destination only, they don’t care if they get a hatchback or a sedan or a luxury car. But with so many options available in the market nowadays, thanks to the revolution in the automotive industry, the basic purpose of owning a car has been modified and buyers now look into multiple factors that help them purchase the car that suits their personality.

Let us now look at what sort of people buy what category of car. 


Hatchback_carzThe most sold car type in India – hatchback is a car that is characterised by a hatch-type rear door that opens upwards. This door is hinged at the roof level. Hatchbacks can accommodate 4-5 passengers with a decent amount of boot space.

The design of a hatchback can be best viewed as a two-box design, wherein the boot space and passenger cabin are integrated as one while the engine bay and driver cabin is one. The luggage space can be further increased by folding down the seats. Hatchbacks usually have a removable parcel tray at the rear.

Hatchbacks are small and economical cars, that return the best mileage figures. Owing to the compact dimensions, easy manoeuvrability, and ease of parking in tight space, the cars are best suited to those who are conscious of their environment. An owner of the such type of vehicle is always looking forward to enjoying the practicality of the car.

For many, the hatchback is the primary choice as these cars contribute the least to air pollution. The rider of the car does not care about comfort or luxury but seeks to achieve his or her target of reaching a destination from the source.


SUVs_carAn abbreviation for Sport Utility Vehicle, SUVs is very popular with the masses. In India too, they are sold in large numbers, especially the compact SUVs. These cars are usually characterised by specific features such as off-road capabilities, raised ground clearance, butch and rugged appearance.

Young buyers looking to enjoy driving on rough and uneven terrain, form a major portion of the buyers. Also, someone with a big family goes for this vehicle. Thus, SUVs are multi-purpose cars. Those choosing SUV particularly look for more space, utility, and safety. These are popular among married couples and families.


Sedan_carA sedan is a car with a closed body, comprising of three compartments – engine, passengers and cargo. Sometimes said, to be a dying segment, particularly in India, these cars have hit all-time low sales. Sedans are rich in features, comfort, convenience and technology. The buyers of these cars are usually businessmen and women who like being chauffeur driven.

Married people with kids as well as single mothers and fathers also prefer sedans. Those looking for large luggage space also opt for this car. Safety is another parameter for many when considering this segment.

Those who cannot afford the luxury cars, settle for this segment. The sedans are usually simple in appearance, not flashy and best suited for workaholics.


Luxury_carThese cars cater to a separate personality of people. What differentiates them from ordinary cars is the huge difference in price and rich features. The buyers of this sort of car usually want to enjoy the maximum comfort and convenience, as they enjoy being chauffeur driven.

The owner hardly ever thinks of fuel economy and practicality as he hardly drives the car by himself.

The buyer of this car is quite independent in his decisions and makes a huge amount of money, usually celebrities, CEOs, businessmen, etc. and want to put the money to enjoy the luxuries, not just limited to a luxury car. Once the owner gets the car, he does not leave any opportunity to show off his status and power.


MPVs_carsA Multipurpose Vehicle (MPV) is the best people carrier car. Though an SUV has ample of space, it offers poor mileage. On the other hand, a sedan returns a decent mileage but lacks space. This is where MPVs come into the picture, they combine the space in SUVs with the decent fuel economy of a sedan to be known as a workaholic.

They are best suited for families who enjoy travelling far and large and enjoy taking everyone along in their car. MPVs are usually 6/7/8-seater and provide a comfortable journey to its occupants.


Sports_carAs can be seen, by the name, sports cars are meant for spirited performance, agile handling and exhilarating speed. Their design is highly different from ordinary cars to achieve high speeds and extraordinary performance. These are small and usually sold in a two-seater configuration. They cost more than luxury cars in most cases.

The cars are not so rich in features, mileage and comfort as their engine is everything that matters. Financially sound youth who enjoy control, thrill, seek adventure and love attention are the common buyers of a sports car.

These cars are unique and good looking, so they are bound to grab eyeballs on road. This is what the owner of a sports car enjoys.


Pickup_trucksPickup trucks are light-duty trucks, characterised by an enclosed cab and an open cargo area with low sides and tailgate. These are primarily used for carrying heavy loads and transporting them from the source to the destination. Nowadays, pick-up trucks are finding uses as passenger cars in markets such as the United States and Canada.

In developing countries, these are used to carry passengers. These vehicles are usually equipped with 4x4 and are ideal for off-roading activities. The main features of this category are control and power and the buyers are usually termed as workaholics.

The owners of the car usually buy such vehicles to meet their goals.

What Does The Colour Of Your Car Say About Your Personality?

When buying a car, you look at its styling, features, safety, comfort and mileage. But do you buy the car with any random colour?

The answer is NO. In fact, our choice of colour tells a lot about our personality. While the black colour is linked to power, the red colour depicts the energy and the orange, it just showcases that you are creative.

Below is a list of some of the most common car colours and the personality traits related to that colour.

  • Red: It indicates someone who is full of energy, bold, dynamic, attention seeker and an outgoing personality. This is the most popular colour for sports cars.

  • Green: Cool, calm, well-balanced, trustworthy, simple yet understated behaviour is associated with this very less popular shade of the car.

  • Blue: Blue colour is always cool to the eye. The owner of the car is usually characterised with calm, faithful, introspective, reflective, cautious and confident personality traits.

  • Black: The most powerful colour of all the colours is back. It indicates aggressive personality, elegance also depicts power. After all, the politicians and leaders travel in black limousines and SUVs.

  • Yellow/Gold: Yellow colour is usually associated with joy. A person choosing a yellow car is likely to have a great sense of humour. As gold is considered the most precious material on earth, it is usually associated with warmth, intelligence as well as glamour.

  • Orange: It is a great colour for a car. Nowadays many car manufacturers market their cars in this shade only. It is believed that buyers who choose this colour are original, creative, charming and artistic.

  • White: The person who buys the purest colour is usually very clear and direct in his dealings and like things to be pure and pristine.

  • Cream: This colour indicates contained and controlled nature of the buyer.

  • Grey: Grey is widely considered as a neutral and colour. The buyer of this coloured car is usually practical and has no specific interests.

  • Silver: The colour is believed to be directly related to elegance and confidence. A person who chooses this colour is also believed to be very tech-savvy.

  • Brown/Beige: The colour is associated with common sense. The buyer of this shade is considered to be down to earth, especially the beige colour that does not have a darker shade.

We choose a car according to our choice and requirements, but it also sends a piece of information about us to the people that surround us. Now you know that your car speaks a lot about the person driving it. So, let us know what your car tells about you by writing in the comments section below.

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