Car Maintenance Tips

Car Care and Maintainance Guide to keep it looking and running like new car and also reduce the running cost

Quality inspection check list one should follow while receiving the car from the service centre
By DARRYL DSOUZA on 11, Oct 2017
After every set of kilometer running of your vehicle you have to service your car. This set of kilom...
Simplified guide to keep your car clean (Spick and Span)
By DARRYL DSOUZA on 27, Sep 2017
We spend a lot of time commuting in our car, whether it be work, to get grocery or just a pleasure d...
Honda updates its official website with a customer service page
By DARRYL DSOUZA on 06, Sep 2017
Honda cars India Ltd (HCIL) has upgraded their official website. This upgrade includes a new custome...
Important things to know to claim insurance for a flood damaged car
By DARRYL DSOUZA on 31, Aug 2017
Due to the heavy rains in mumbai in the last couple of days, many of the cars might have got submerg...
How To Increase The Mileage Of Your Car
By Sourabh Sharma on 28, Apr 2017
We are here with some easy and recommended ways to deal with your vehicle’s fuel viability wit...
Summer’s Here: How To Take Care Of Your Car In Summer Season
By MyNewCar on 27, Apr 2017
If you care for your car and want to know what it actually needs this is the right post for you. ...
DIY (Do It Yourself): Using Toothpaste To Clean Your Foggy Headlamps
By Sourabh Sharma on 04, Jun 2016
Clean headlights will help you maintain a much safer drive, but it is often expensive or time consum...
DIY (Do It Yourself): How To Replace A Blown Fuse In Your Car
By Sourabh Sharma on 03, Jun 2016
Be with us for a minute and tell us if this sounds familiar. It’s a bright sunny day, you in a...
DIY (Do It Yourself): How To Take Good Care For Your Car In The Monsoon
By Sourabh Sharma on 26, May 2016
Monsoon, a long awaited season after the hot and sweaty summers. Monsoon, the season of love, romanc...

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