Clean headlights will help you maintain a much safer drive, but it is often expensive or time consuming to get the required cleaners and chemicals to do this. However, with proper creativity, toothpaste can go from cleaning your teeth to cleaning your headlights. Toothpaste can clean foggy headlights on your car almost as well as expensive products that claim to do the same thing. So without wasting much time let us tell you how you can clean your old gleamy headlights with the toothpaste you use at your home. Here we go:

Things you need: Toothpaste and old towels or rags.


Step 1: Scrub the toothpaste

Squeeze out a bit of toothpaste on the rag and scrub the headlight. It seriously won’t matter if you do in circular or in vertical motion.

Step 2: Clean the headlamps

That’s it, wipe the toothpaste from the headlights with clean towel and you are good to go.

This Works Because: Toothpaste is a mixture of baking soda and peroxide which reacts with the dirt or the salt which gets deposited on the headlamps. It mostly works on the plastic parts and the trick won’t be much useful if your car comes with glass headlamps.


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