We all want to keep our cars shiny, glittery and brand-new-like and to do so we sometime spend lot of money on professional car washing stations. But little do we know that even we can get the same glow on our cars by following some simple steps. Washing your car periodically helps in removing dirt and dust particles that gets accumulated on windshield, wiper, under the bonnet and between the door spaces. So to all those who are looking for how to get that glossy texture, here’s our “how to do it yourself.”

Step 1: Find a place to park.

While washing, do not park your car in direct sunlight, or under a tree. If possible, also choose morning or evening time for washing your car. If you wash your car in direct sunlight, soap will dry on surface even before you can wash which will leave splotches on the paint. It would be great if you can wash your car on your dry lawn or at a near-by park, as it would also serves the purpose of watering the grass.

Step 2: Set everything you will need near the car.

Procure these things- car soap or car wash detergent, large sponge, clean rags, car wash mitts and a few buckets of water or water hose.  

Step 3: Splash the car with clean water.


First make sure all the windows and doors are locked. Now rinse the car thoroughly to loosen and soften the dirt. Keep the flow/spray of water gentle.

Step 4: Prepare the soap mixture.


Always use a good quality car wash detergent and wash mitts. Read the instruction mentioned on detergent bottle. If not sure which is the most suitable washing agent for your car, we advise you to seek an expert’s opinion for should contact your authorised dealership.

Step 5: Washing with soap mixture.


Soak the large wash mitt or sponge in the car wash solution and apply it on the surface of the car in a circular motion for best results. Do not use a brush on the car body as this will leave little scratches.

Step 6: Rinse the soap water.


Rinse the dirt out of the wash mitt or sponge in the bucket with plain water frequently. As you progress, keep the entire car wet, as this will prevent droplets from drying on the paint and leaving water-spots. Always make sure that you would be able to dry the car with towels before it air-dries.

Step 7: Washing of Wheels.

Scrub the lower body and the wheels last, as these are the dirtiest, grittiest parts. It’s a good idea to use a separate wash mitt or sponge on the bottom. Use a long, skinny wheel-brush for cleaning the openings of the wheels. Clean the tire sidewalls with a plastic brush. Also rinse the bottom of the car, from various angles, with a spray nozzle.

Step 8: Dry the vehicle with fresh towels.


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