on 31, Aug 2017

Due to the heavy rains in Mumbai in the last couple of days, many of the cars might have got submerged in the floods. Car owners are now in such a great dilemma, what to do and how to go along with the insurance to get their car repaired. We have listed down the important points one should consider while claiming the insurance for flood-damaged cars.


Most Important Steps:


  • Do not try to crank your car if it is submerged in water. The water will enter the engine and your engine will stall.

  • This phenomenon is known as hydro lock and you won't be able to claim insurance.

  • After the water levels have gone down, do not start your car. Call the RSA and get your vehicle towed to the concerned service centre and get your vehicle thoroughly checked by the technician.  

  • These points are important, please do not try to start your vehicle. You won't be able to claim your insurance.


What is covered in your insurance and what is not:

  • If the vehicle is declared as a complete loss, the full insured value post suitable depreciation will be claimable.

  • The regular motor policy doesn't cover engine damage due to floods wherein the vehicle is fully or partially submerged.

  • As mentioned above, if you crank up the engine when the vehicle is submerged in water you won't get a reimbursement from your insurance. But if you have opted for add-on engine protector cover you will be reimbursed.

  • The interior cleaning will be covered in insurance, but if you need a replacement of the interiors a depreciation will be attached. The decision to replace the interiors depends on the surveyor’s report.

  • If you had to break the glass of the car to get out in an emergency situation due shortcircuit in the system, the whole amount will be reimbursed.

  • While the rate of depreciation is 50% for airbags, batteries, plastic parts and rubber

  • Due to the stagnant water, the AC, CNG kit and music system are likely to get spoilt. If they are factory fitted you will be safe.

  • If it wasn't factory fitted but you paid an extra premium you will get replacement or repair. If it wasn't intimated to the insurer you won't get any replacement or repair.

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