on 11, Oct 2017

After every set of kilometer running of your vehicle you have to service your car. This set of kilometers are vary from car  to car and manufacturer to manufacturer. Sometimes the service centre do not service your car properly and hence you have to face many issues. One has to then run around the service centre and again will have to be without a car. These things can be very serious and can also cause some unforeseen circumstances.


Hence we at Mynewcar have listed down a number of Quality checks that one should run down when you receive your car after service. We recommend you to do this check in front of the service advisor. If you feel the things are not down according to your needs, you can raise the issue and get it fixed immediately. This process will seem long and time consuming, bu this will in hand help to keep your in good running condition and will also reduce your chances of being stuck in any unforeseen circumstances.


Below listed are the CHECKPOINTS you should conduct with the help of the service advisor:



  1. Put the vehicle on the hydraulic lift and check under the car for any leakages, suspension bush mountings and also check if all the fasteners are tightened.

  2. If you had opted under body coating, check it it is done properly.



  1. Remove the dipstick and check the oil and oil level. There will be two small holes at the end of the tip which are placed one above another. The oil level should be above the second hole.

  2. Check the coolant level and also check if there is any leakage.

  3. Check the brake fluid level, if it's below the low level mark, tell the service advisor to top it off.

  4. Along with this also check the power steering fluid.

  5. Check the battery condition, if the water level is proper and also look out for carbon formation on the positive and negative terminals. If there is any carbon formation get it cleaned and grease the terminals.

  6. Also get the cowl panel cleaned as the leaves and dirt gets collected in it. This could lead to corrosion.

  7. Top of the windshield wiper fluid



  1. Plug in the key and check if all the lights on the dashboard are working.

  2. Crank the engine and check if any warning lights are shown.

  3. Switch on the AC and check the flow of air from all the vents and also check the cooling.

  4. If there is a stagnant water smell coming from the AC get it sanitised.

  5. Switch on the headlights and also check the upper and dipper functions.

  6. Switch on the hazard lights and check if all the 4 lights are working.

  7. As well as apply brakes and put the gear in reverse and check whether all the brake light and reverse lights are working.

  8. Spray the wiper fluid and also check the wiper’s working condition.

  9. Press the horn and also steer the steering wheel and all the controls on it.

  10. Operate the electricals such as charging ports, music player, speakers all power windows, sunroof, exterior mirrors as well as the lights inside the car.

  11. Slide the seat and also check the recliner if the operation is carried out smoothly.



  1. Check  if the engine is cranking in go.

  2. Crank the engine and check if there is any warning lights shown on the instrument cluster.


  • BODY:

  1. Close all the doors and check for its alignment.

  2. Check all fittings are proper.

  3. With the refernce of your job card check if there are any new scratches or dents if they are incurred after you gave the car to service.

  4. If there had to been any paint touch up work or dent work check if it is done upto your mark.



  1. Check if the car has been properly on the outside as well as inside.

  2. Also check if the engine bay is also cleaned.

  3. Get the cowl panel also cleaned thoroughly


In addition to all these things, if you had to replace any parts of the car, please request the service advisor to hand over the old part in a polythene bag in the boot of the car. Last but not the least before leaving check whether all the tyres have the right tyre pressure, including the spare tyre.



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