on 27, Sep 2017

We spend a lot of time commuting in our car, whether it be work, to get grocery or just a pleasure drive. No one loves to be in a shabby and stinky car and if you have a busy schedule or if you're lazy couch, it will be difficult to keep your vehicle spic and span. It can get embarrassing if you go on a date or have to pick up some close family or friend with a shabby car. Hence we have brought to you some simplified ways to keep your car clean, because the condition of your car can determine a lot about you and your personality.


  1. The simplest way is to drive your car to detailing showroom and get it cleaned. For all the couch potatoes many of the car detailing services have started a mobile car detailing service. You're just a call away from getting your car cleaned.

  2. Car Detailing shops offer periodic packages, which will help you keep your interiors and exteriors spick and span.

  3. Other alternatives to car spa, is that to keep your clean and do all the cleaning yourself.

  4. Remember the quote we all learnt back in School, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Do not eat inside your car and do not litter you car by throwing those rappers and the toll tickets. That doesn't mean you have to roll down the window and throw the dirt outside. You can keep a bag and inside and collect all the garbage in it and throw it in the dust in at the end of the day.

  5. Use vacuum cleaner one a week to vacuum the interiors and door mats to. This will help to remove the dust out of the door mats and seats.

  6. Park your vehicle in secured place and shady area away from strong sunlight. Direct sunlight affects the exterior paint.

  7. Allows cover your car at the end of the day or if you going out for some days. It just takes a matter of minutes.

  8. Always keep a duster, to wipe of the dust from the car

  9. If you're washing the car on your own, always remember to use a microfiber cloth and change the water when it gets dirty. The dirty waters consists of mud and small stones which can causes scratches on your paint. Keep a separate micro fiber cloth to dry off the car.

  10. If your car panels or door panels get damaged, repair it on time as it could corrosion and also accumulates dust and dirt in it.


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