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Monsoon Driving Tips: Top 13 Car Driving Tips During Monsoon and Rainy Season

Water is one of the most essential substances in sustaining life. Hence, monsoon is a bringer of life.  Monsoon can be really fun. During monsoons, even the roads become a playground.

The season is known to wake up the child inside us. With jumping from one puddle to another, playing various sports in mud, all while getting completely soaked in rain.

With a cup of hot chai and pakodas, it can be one of the calmest time of the year for some. In rural areas, it is the bringer of life where everything dead comes back to life with a lush green hue. And how can we forget those pure waterfalls on the mountains?

The roasted corn on the cob and the hot vada pav during a drive in the rain is one of the pleasures in life. In short, monsoon is bliss for long drives.

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Who doesn’t love the monsoon? I mean apart from the man-made disasters like potholes, traffic, floods etc. Like I said before monsoon does have its disadvantages.

Getting up early and going for work can be the most difficult if it's raining. The traffic is dreadful and the condition of Indian roads, it's best not to talk about.

The ever so clogged up roads that fill up even if it rains for 10 mins, the potholes, pouring water that leaves you soaking wet even though you have an umbrella. Debris and fallen leaves on the car and the entire unbearable situation may leave us hating this beautiful weather.

Whether it’s a long drive on highways or dreaded office day in the city traffic, it's important to be especially careful during monsoons. Like we always say, when you drive you are responsible for the life of people around you so additional care should always be taken in order to drive safely during this season.

With India being the second largest population in the world with one of the least amounts of traffic sense, it gets really difficult to avoid accidents.

And with a population always on the clock, cutting the lane, overspeeding and driving in the wrong lane is somewhat common. Being one of the few sensible drivers on the road is difficult and being extra careful even to make up other’s mistakes can really be stressful.

To make this situation a bit easier here are some tips to follow that can make it a bit bearable.

Check your car:

Your car has to go through a checklist before the monsoons. The main parts to pay extra attention would be the brakes and tyres. As monsoons turn everything into a slippery mess, it is essential to get a good grip on the roads.

Checking the tyres and brake plates prior to the rain will ensure optimum safety in case of emergencies. Checking the wipers and other appliances are also essential. Click here for a list of few car maintenance tips for you.

The first week of rain:

The monsoon is wet and slippery in general but the first week after it has rained is the most crucial. Since Indian roads are prone to get dust settled on them, the first rain may make things a little too slippery with the mud and dirt combining with the rainwater.

This turns the roads into slippery slides and extra care should be taken while driving on those. The roads will remain like that for a week till the rainwater washes out all the accumulated dirt so till then avoid applying sudden brakes.

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Avoid distractions:

First and foremost rule to follow while driving during any season on any terrain, is to avoid distractions. The mobile, Bluetooth, infotainment systems and radios can serve as distractions at time.

Especially during monsoon seasons, where everything gets more slippery and rash decisions will do more harm than good, keeping close attention to the road at all times is important.

Switch on headlights:

Sometimes it can get difficult to see in heavy rains especially if the car’s colour is camouflaging with the surroundings. So it is advisable to switch on the head as well as tail lights for better visibility during monsoons. It can help see you better if it gets too dark and it will help the person behind you with visibility issues.

Keep a safe distance:

As we discussed before, it is better to avoid sudden brakes. The car may skid in such situations and can lead to unfortunate accidents. Even though it's difficult, keeping a few meters distance between the two cars is advisable. If you are speeding through a highway a 15-20 meters distance is Sufficient.

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Avoid driving at night:

Late night drives may seem relaxing and romantic for some especially during monsoons, but they should be avoided if not important. During monsoons, it gets really dark even during the day and at night the street lights don’t help much.

Your car can have complications easily during monsoon so it is better to be driving during daylight. Exceptions can be made in cities with a lot of street light and traffic but it should be avoided on highways and rural areas.

Watch out for potholes and puddles:

Speeding through a puddle of water with water splashing everywhere can be fun but it can be dangerous as well.  Puddles of water indicate a pothole and if it's not your everyday route there is no guarantee of how deep the puddle can be.

The car can get stuck in the puddles if it is too deep and even damage your tyres. The potholes will also cause damage to the underbody and the car’s suspension.

Drive slow:

Like mentioned before, sudden brakes can do more damage during this season. It is always advised to drive slow during the rainy season to watch out for other cars and pedestrians. Driving slow will eliminate the possibility of sudden brakes that can spin or cause an accident.


Defog the windshield:

Use ac or defogger to defog the windshield of the car since using a cloth may damage the glass and won't be able to give the visibility you desire.

Avoid cruise control:

A lot of automated new cars come with cruise control. Even though it's very useful generally it can be dangerous during monsoons. Using cruise control may lead you to control over car during waterlogging conditions. It is better to keep your car in lower gears to have better control.

Avoid flooded roads:

We all love shortcuts. Even though we know it not always ethical, we are anyway looking for them. It could be a really bad idea in monsoon if the shortcut has too many potholes and get flooded easily. Avoid underpasses as well as they tend to get flooded.


If the rain is too much its better to pull over for some time while it gets under control. Finding shelter for you and the car will be a better option but parking on the side of the road with parking lights on can work as well. Make sure not to park the car under a tree or pole during monsoons.

Drive in the centre lane:

During waterlogged conditions, it's best to drive on the centre lane as it is placed higher than the others. If that is not possible, avoid sudden brakes and drive slow.


Apart from the slippery roads, water logging is the major issue during rains. If you are faced with waterlogged situations and if you stall the car, starting the car again will damage the engine. In such cases, its best to turn the hazard lights on, get out of the car and push it to a safe spot.

It is dangerous to drive during monsoon whether its city or rural area. Extra care should always be taken to drive safer than usual.

Speeding through your car can also lead to aquaplaning where the car travels on top of the water with little to no contact to the actual road that can be pretty dangerous. All we have to say is be extra careful.

Traffic and road safety is a very major concern and should be thought of seriously.

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