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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Car Servicing and Repair

Owning a car is a huge responsibility. With being careful on the road while driving, you also have to take care of your car as if it’s a member of your family. Regular servicing of the car is like a regular health checkup that helps to keep your car healthy and well functioning. 

A car hobbyist is someone who spends a lot of time with his cars. Someone that will spend a lot of money an effort to get what is best for his car. Servicing a car is something that is really important to maintain the car in good shape.

A person may choose to do it themselves or can seek professional help. If you are a person that prefers doing small maintenance tasks on his own, click to find 100+ car maintenance tips here.

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Servicing a car is performing major maintenance tasks at regular intervals. This may include smaller maintenance like checking the tire pressure to bigger maintenance that may or may not include a paint job.

The tasks performed while services may differ from one dealer to another. If you decide to do it yourself you may add or skip some additional tasks. Make sure you always choose a service plan that bests suits your needs or adds the maintenance tasks you need later on.

A typical service plan will include different maintenance tasks:

  • Oil and filter change:

The most basic service plan includes an oil and filter change. It is essential to change your oil every 8,000 to 10,000 km. Based on your need and usage an oil change can be done every 6 months to every year. The first manufacturer’s service is provided on a 2-3 month mark and even may not include the oil change.

Even though it is not mentioned in the manual its recommended to do an oil change on the first service as the metal particles from the new car may be abrasive on the engine. It is even more important to change the oil filter every oil change. A simple oil and filter change will cost you around rs. 1000-rs.2000 depending on the service centre.

If you want to know more about oil changes and how to do them yourself visit here for a detailed article that includes everything you need to know about Car engine oil maintenance.

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  • Basic service:

This may include oil and filter change and also some fluid top ups like brake fluid, steering fluid, washer fluid and coolant. The service may also check the state of few components based on what your service plan covers.it may typically check your battery for proper functioning and the gearbox oil is checked as well.

Click to know everything about maintaining, changing a car battery. The service provider may check your brakes and suggest any repairs that you need. This type of service is basically done in the first 6 months to ensure the overall health of your car.

  • Full service:

Full service includes everything in basic services like oil changes, fluid top-ups and safety checks. An additional function may include replacement of air filters and essential checks like air conditioner, brakes, engine, wheel bearings, and even shock absorbers.

The full service will include 30+ more points or checks than the basic version. It is recommended to get this service done on a yearly basis.


  • Major service:

A major service is an addition to the full service. With the inclusion of full service, major service also consists of the change of spark plugs, change of fuel filter, change of air filter etc. this service can be purchased as a pack or can be added to the full service with additional costs.

The service provider will list the things provided in the service and any additional repairs will cost some additional amount. It is recommended to get this service done every 2 years.

  • Manufacturer’s service:

One of the biggest and most important maintenance is done in this type of service.  A manufacturer’s service follows the exact guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the vehicle while designing.

A manufacturer’s service can add value to the resale value of the car. The manufacturer's service is performed by a professional trained by the manufacturer and only genuine and original parts are used based on the model of your car. It also guarantees a year for parts or 12,000 miles depending on the manufacturer.  

A manufacturer’s service includes:

  1. Oil and oil filter check and replacement

  2. Brake fluid check and top up

  3. Anti-Freeze coolant check and top up

  4. Windscreen wash check and top up

  5. Full brake check

  6. Power steering fluid check and top up

  7. Steering check

  8. Shock absorbers check.

  9. Suspension check

  10. Light check

  11. Windscreen wipers check

  12. Wheel alignment check

  13. Charging systems check

  14. Exhaust check

  15. Battery check

  16. Charging system check

  17. Tyre tread and pressure check.

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This service includes all the maintenance your car might need. The service costs a lot more compared to other services but it's by far the most effective and important service out there. It is recommended to get this service done every 1-2 years.

It can be expensive getting to service a car from a professional. If you have a car of a luxury brand the cost will only hike because of the expensive spare parts.

Even though it's an expensive affair to get the car services, it's important and essential for the overall safety of the car and is directly responsible for the life of the person driving and passerbys.

A lot of us do not have enough time on the hand and most of us do not choose to spend the time we have on repairing the car ourselves. In such cases, one does not have another option than to seek professional help.

But if a person has time and willing to spend it on repairing and maintaining the car, these tips will help you guide with the exact maintenance your car needs and can be done without a professional.

All you need is some time, supplies, willingness and a moderate amount of skills. check the article that provides the 100+ car maintenance you can do yourself that is ought to reduce the amount that is spent on the servicing of the car.

Remember, it does not void the manufacturer’s warranty if you decide to perform the maintenance on your own so you can even cut the costs while the car is still in warranty.

Car alignment is an issue some of us face after servicing. If a major component is changed while servicing a car your car may need an alignment. If you service your car from the reputed centre, and if it's their fault, they will do the alignment for free.

But if you leave before checking you might have to pay some amount to get it aligned. If your car is out of alignment before even entering the service centre, you will have to pay for the alignment.

Alignment is usually done every 2-3 years or every time new wheels are installed. If it is difficult for you to drive in a straight line and it's difficult to steer, your wheels may need an alignment.

There are some things that one should look for after the car is done servicing. While test driving one should check the state of engine oil and oil filter. The more detailed checklist here. Check all the fluids based on the pack you choose.

Check the brakes, tyres and also the steering of the car. The car should be perfectly aligned while the test drive. It the alignment is off the dealership may ask you to align the car before leaving.


The costs of a car do not stop after buying the car. Maintaining the car is as costly as buying the car in the first place. This sometimes led to the need for more affordable cars which also has a lower maintenance cost.

Here are some low maintenance cars in India:

  1. Toyota Etios

  2. Maruti Suzuki Swift

  3. Hyundai Grand i10

  4. Tata Nano

  5. Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

  6. Maruti Suzuki alto k10

As an Indian manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki has one of the lowest maintenance cost (ownership costs) in a lot of aspects so if you have a lower after the budget for your car it is usually recommended to go for Maruti Suzuki.

Buying a car is easy, owning a car is difficult. With so many maintenance and services it gets difficult and costly to own a car. There is always an option of leasing a car which involves all the maintenance and service free of cost and all you have to do is pay a monthly premium which is usually lesser than the EMI.

so if you are someone that does not get too attached to a car and does not wish to pay a lot to maintain a car ceasing is a good option for you. But if you do want to buy a car ensuring its perfect condition and being responsible for the lives around you is something to be considered of.

You can get the servicing done by the company affiliated service centers, local service provider or evn do it on your own. Any of this does not void the warranty on your car. In the end its all upto the person to choose what is best for his car.

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