Car Maintenance Tips

Car Care and Maintainance Guide to keep it looking and running like new car and also reduce the running cost

Do It Yourself (DIY): How to Change a Flat Tyre
By Sourabh Sharma on 09, Jan 2016
If you own a car, you must know the problem of flat tyres. It can happen to anyone, at any place, at...
Guide to maintain your car battery
By MyNewCar on 20, Jul 2015
Check your electrical connections Make sure battery terminals and cable connections are clean and t...
5 mistakes we make while washing our cars.
By mynewcar on 31, May 2015
1.Use two buckets instead of one One for clean water, one for rinsing all the crap out of your spong...
Checking Engine oil level
By mynewcar on 30, May 2015
The oil should probably be checked after the car cools down for an hour or so, so that oil...
What to do if your car overheats
By mynewcar on 20, May 2015
It’s rare with modern vehicles, but even a well-tuned automobile can overheat. If you find you...
car fires, things to know
By mynewcar on 16, May 2015
these may be caused due to one’s own carelessness, and are easily avoidable. Here are some cau...
3 easy ways to stay green with your car
By mynewcar on 13, May 2015
Looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly with your car? Motorists can help protect t...
how to help your car beat the heat and stay cool this summer
By mynewcar on 09, May 2015
Well the heat is certainly on and we understand how difficult it is for you, but have you ever given...
Do it yourself – Windscreen Wipers Change
By mynewcar on 01, May 2015
Windshield wipers are made with three basic parts: the lower wiper arm that extends from the base of...
Do it yourself – Air Filter Change
By mynewcar on 25, Apr 2015
Tools You Need: None Time to Complete: 10 minutes Estimated Cost: 300-7000 (depending on th...

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