on 14, May 2015

Hypermile is basically driving method or other techniques to get the max fuel economy from your car various factors influence it and here are a few


  • Keep your car tuned up. Out of tune cars are more inefficient and produce more pollution. A regular schedule of maintenance for you car is the first step to even having a car you can hypermile with.
  • Use the lowest viscosity oil that is recommended by the manufacturer. Using anything lower than what is recommended can be unsafe. If the car is not “taking oil” – burning it or leaking – switch to synthetic oil (and ATF), as those greatly reduce internal powertrain friction, improve mileage and longevity. At the same time, oil changes can be done much less frequently, thus compensating for higher oil cost.
  • Align and balance the wheels. Car wheels are sometimes worn down unevenly or weighted or aligned very slightly off-center, which reduces efficiency.
  • Check tire pressure regularly. If the tires are incorrectly inflated, then there will be excess drag, or insufficient surface contact with the road, causing significant decreases in fuel efficiency.
  • Don’t over-inflate tires to increase rolling or coasting distance. This can lead to increased wear and loss of traction. In extreme cases the tires may pop causing a catastrophic accident.


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