on 06, May 2015

With India reporting as many as 1.34 lakh fatalities in road accidents every year, a vast 70 per cent of them being due to drunken driving, questions are now being raised on whether the mushrooming growth of liquor vends along the highways is responsible for costing precious lives in an untimely manner

Each day, nearly 3,500 people die on the roads worldwide. Tens of thousands more are injured. Families are broken apart. The future of young people is dashed. Road accidents have become the leading cause of death for people aged 15 to 29,

In India an accident occurs on the streets nearly every minute, and someone dies nearly every four minutes. According to government figures, 125,660 people were killed in various accidents in the year 2009

A drunken driver is a potential murderer as he cannot perform his tasks without risks and endangers road safety. Drunken driving an illegal act should be governed by stern laws which entail not only levying hefty fines or revocation of license, but also prosecution, same as a criminal offense. Usually, driver escape from the scene as the public gets involved in getting the injured hospitalized rather than snitch the drunken driver and teaching him a lesson.

But, contrary to the practice, if we make a commitment to report the incidence to the officials concerned and take a stand against drunk driving, then we may get successful in curbing the menace which has been since centuries a major contributor to the traffic deaths in every, but, the co-relation between alcohol and road safety still remains a matter of more research.
If there’s no one else sober with you take home a cab . Remember you could put your life as well as others on the line and what happens later will only bring out extreme feelings of regret .

Drive Safe!


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